Are You Playing to Win or Are You Just Trying Not to Lose?





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Published on Aug 31, 2013

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Are You the Type to Play to Win....Or Are You just trying Not to Lose?

Everybody hates losing. No one wants to be the loser. Only people that like losing, are parents playing with their little kids. Even in that instance, the parent will become more competitive or just stop playing once the child gets better at the game. This made me think about life.

Most people are just trying not to Lose. They don't want to "lose" at the game of Life. SO they struggle and straggle along barely making ends meet. Then you have those people that are playing to win. These are the people that you see becoming millionaires, running top businesses, being the best in their chosen field, etc. These few people not only don't like to lose, They love to win even more.

Are you playing to win? Take that question to heart. Do you randomly and rambunctiously spend your hard earned money. Note I said hard earned because most people work extremely hard for their money. Funny thing about it is, wealthy people don't work half as hard as those "hard working" people and make tons more! Why is that? It's because the wealthy people are playing to win!

People have to wake up and change their mindset. Stop playing just not lose! Kick it into gear and start playing to win. If you don't know how to win, study winners. Think about 5 Life Winners, people that you believe are winning in the game of Life and write them down. After that, list what about them says that they are winners. Write down their characteristics and how you think they would handle certain situations.

Take your time on this because it will help you.

After you have completed the required tasks, analyze yourself. Besides income, what's the difference between you and those who are playing to win. What characteristics do they exude that you don't? How do they handle situations differently than you might? Do you think they would get mad or stressed out in that situation? Would they raise their voice or lose their temper in this situation? Just take the time to see how you and those that are playing to win differ.

Once you've figured out what they do, you now know what to implement. Do exactly what do! Success leaves clues. You said you didn't know how to win right? Well now you do. Do it! Follow it diligently and success will surely follow. Get out of life's slump and start living to your full potential Today!

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