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Published on Jan 19, 2012

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In this guide, Sheriden details the fourth boss you'll encounter in the Karagga's Palace Palace Operation, for the 8man mode.

Hey guys its Sheriden from SWTOREXTREME bringing you another Operation boss guide. I'll be going over the new boss found in Karagga's Palace, G4-B3.

This is a kind of puzzle boss, and it comes with over 2million HP on normal 8man mode. You'll want to have an off tank for this, or at least someone able to taunt the boss. In order to start the encounter you will need to click a main console near the back of the room. Once used, you will see these three screens light up, and 3 consoles become available for use. One on the left, one in the middle and one on the right.

The consoles are a major part of this fight, so you will need to assign someone with a brain to deal with them. We believe the best stategy is to use just one DPS for this role. I'll explain why later. Make sure they are a class with a run speed increase ability, such as a Sorcerer or Marauder. Also ensure one healer stays in sight of them, by staying on the top level.

Your assigned button presser will need to use the consoles to move the green symbols into the correct positions. To start of, you'll need to move them to the right side where the boss is stood by default. The green symbols will need to be in THIS order. Once done, a Fire switch will become available next to the console. Once activated, a large amount of fire will shoot down onto the boss as you can see here. This will need to be repeated multiple times, and you cannot use the same machine twice in a row.

You need to activate them quickly, as the boss will slowly gain a stacking armor buff which will reduce your dps massively. He has a lot of health and about a 6minute enrage timer, so you will need to remove it as fast as possible. Not only this, but once hit by fire, he also gain a massive debuff which increases all your raids damage to him by a large amount. Keep in mind that the fire will damage any of your raid stood under it, so have you melee dps move out before activating it.

So, how do you move the symbols to the pillar you need. Well heres the orders: It will take 14 clicks each time to fully move the symbols across to the next pillar.

From Right to Middle:
Right to Middle, Right to Left, Middle to Left, Right to Middle, Left to Right, Left to Middle, Right to Middle

From Middle to Left:
Middle to Left, Middle to Right, Left to Right, Middle to Left, Right to Middle, Right to Left, Middle to Left

From Left to Right:
Left to Right, Left to Middle, Right to Middle, Left to Right, Middle to Left, Middle to Right, Left to Right

Thats about it for the consoles... Lets move on to the other aspects of the fight. Firstly, the reason you'll want an off-tank is due to a stacking debuff the boss will put on the tank. This debuff will reduce armor by either 14 or 16% on hit, up to about 10 stacks in total. This will become extremly difficult to heal the higher it gets, so it's best to switch off around 4 or 5 stacks. It will take around 10 seconds to wear off so you can switch back again.

He will also use an aoe knockback on the melee which seems to be rather random. He will usually do this at the start of the fight, and then a few times throughout. The boss will also target a random raid member, and fire a rocket at them. You'll see a yellow animated mark like this if your targeted. When hit you'll be knocked down for a few seconds and take a reasonable amount of damage. Be sure to move away from others as it will also effect them too.

Throughout the fight, two different types of droids will spawn: a Stun Droid and a Mine Droid. The mines should be avoided as they will explode when you get close to them. They will also appear near the consoles at the top so your button presser should either avoid them or use a survival cooldown to take their damage. Your healer up top should be able to keep them alive.

Stun droids in close proximity to the raid should be killed, as they can continually stun a raid member, which can stop heals or damage. They have small HP so when focused they go down quickly. When the boss is low, have your button presser come down to help finish the boss, off after the final fire.

I hope you've enjoed this guide, and if you found it helpful feel free to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends or guild. We have tons more guides coming so make sure your subscribed and you can always check out our live stream too. Good luck and see you next time.

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