irresistible (a mindless behavior love story) episode 3





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Published on Apr 12, 2012

~~~~~~~~~LAST TIME~~~~~~~~~~
- the buss leaves-

ray ray: prince this is not the way we came

princeton: its a short cut POV o sheet i got us lost

roc royal: guys u should trus him remember on the plane ... he should know birmingham like the back of his hand

ray ray: hummmm

Episode 3

down the road from mb's current location are some girls thier names are, lynahy, monai, mya and lamara they have just walked out of lynahys house

lynahy: ok guys you ready to go to... (gets cut off from a shocking site)

mya: what wrong with you man,

lynahy: iiii...iii

lamar: helllloooo

lynahy: i must be trippin

lamara: the tie your shoes

lynahy: -__- no way look over thier ( points to where mb are)

monai: oh my gosh

lynahy: i know ... thats dudes wearing the same red chinos as me ;o

monai: ?__? lol noooo thats... that .. thats

mya+lamara: MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!!!!

Lynahy: omdz omdz omdz

monai+lamara+mya: ahahahahaha lol

mya: real talk though what are they doing round these ends,

lamara: for real

monai: ovz ma husband *cough* roc royal*cough* came to see me

mya: *gives monai a stank look*

monai: looooooooool about to pmsl

lynahy: like i was saying lets go down to the park

all: ite

monai: come then

lynahy: race ya

mya: girl you know your gonna lose

lynahy: oh really

mya: yep

lynahy: haha you will see

monai: Are we gonna do this thing or not

lynahy: on your marks get set goooooooooo

lamara: aww man guys not again - trys to catch up but the rest of them are going really fast-

lamara gets to the park 1 min later

mya: your so slow a turtle could beat you in a race

monai: lmao

lynahy: hey leave my mara alone

lamara: :p yh leave me

- back to mb -

prodigy: look over thier

roc: WHERE

prodigy: at the park

mb: (O.O)

princeton: daamm uk girls are fine

prodigy: you see her with straight hair, ama make her mine

ray ray: anyways ... go for it can you see that one thier, the one with her hair out, she's the prettiest one their therefore she must go with the pretty boy of the group

prodigy: w.e

roc: you trippin the perttyest one is her, the one with the red chinos on

princeton: dang you like her...

roc : obviously

princeton: tell me we dont like the same girl

prodigy: dam thats messed up

ray ray: why dont y'all ddo roc paper sissors

roc: ite

ray ray: for real i was just joking

roc nah come lets do it

- roc royal wins roc paper scissors-

princeton: *sigh* I guess shes your roc

roc: o gosh am happy, princeton we kool

princeton: yh we cool

- with the girls-

mya: princetons comming over here ,=))

monai: omdz omdz omdz

lynahy: monai you know thats my word

lamara: clam down were only A few meters away from the hottest boys EVER... who am i kidding

lynahy: guys calm down their gonna notice,

- they all turn round a start to giggle-

lamara: yep i think they noticed

- with mb-

prodigy: is it just me or do we sudden NEED to go to the park

all: *burst out laughing*

princeton: i hear you

- they walk into the park and sit down on the bench next to the girls-


sorry if it was a lil hard to follow, i had to end it hear because youtube says its too long kmt... lol

i will try to post every other day, and every day the holidays


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