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Published on May 8, 2011

This video might have given some people the impression that I think the Rev sucks. I don't think that, I believe he is an excellent drummer. I just like Mike Portnoy's style better. Title says it all. I do not own any of the music.

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Bender Bending
Every drummer knows that Portnoy is technically superior. 
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Suicidal Premeditation
+Peter Hopkins Are you a 5th grader, that just used big words to seem smart but don't know what they mean? So Peter Hopkins the question is are you smarter then a 5th grader? Deal or no deal....
Peter Hopkins
+H&gdabest I strongly disagree...there are certain things/techniques that some drummers CAN do and others can't. that's the line. we're talking about technicalities here--there is no opinion there. in the area of expression is where opinions come into the picture
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InsurgentWolf Gaming
You forgot 1 thing and its that The Rev is also a backup vocalist. The Rev is better because he has more Skill and Musicianship. You forgot his drumming for Almost easy, that was amazing. Mike Sucks, Rev is a legend not Mike
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Akdiwi Jxkssk
please guys just listen to me i'm a fan of avenged sevenfold and dream theater at the same time and I swear to god that the opinion of the one who's making the video is not an opinion it's a fact and also to everyone who said that the rev is better he is just jealous i swear cause if he not why didn't the rev do drum cover of a change of seasons or maybe six degrees or you know guys those long songs cause avenged sevenfold itself is not even a metal band it is a hard rock band yes a hard rock and he is even emo so what you want more then and also if he want to prove that he can even compared to portnoy he need to do drum of the dance of eternity first then after we will compare him to portnoy
Albert Alcca
hahaha dumbass
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Dumbo's Comedy
The Rev the lord of drumming foREVer
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Bladi Reyes
and portnoy the king, inspiration for rev, foREVer
+Pigly_Jainda Squad A-fucking-men
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Baraka Obama
The Rev is a very good drummer don't get me wrong, but to compare him with Mike Fuckin Portnoy, that's like comparing a teddy bear to a Grizzly!
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You are a pretentious little shit aren't you? Yes Mike is defenitely better, not denying that. Wether Dream Theater or A7X is better is down to personal taste, has nothing to do with your so called music smarts.
Official COLT Channel
+Hyper Doom I do like A7X but I'm not gonna say the rev was better than mike portnoy because like you said one of revs influences was portnoy himself. but he did write most of the drum solos before his death. and I've seen and heard portnoys work so don't say that I have no clue. you seem like you hate A7X though.
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I've got a friend who loves heavy metal, he plays drums and says The Rev was better than Mike Portnoy, not only him, but almost all of my metalhead friends say that The Rev was better than Portnoy.
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Bill Kritikopoulos
thats the trouth man The Rev is the best!!!
He disrespected The Rev after he died by saying he changed some of the Melodies because "They were too dry".
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Santtu Pesonen
I feel bad for anyone who says The Rev is better than Portnoy.
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Santtu Pesonen se on
Lord Cornelius
MentalScraps The Rev is an above average drummer who gets praised because his heart is larger than a boob and also because he's dead. Mike Portnoy and Mike Mangini make this guy look like a beginner, check out the beats from Tool, Dave Lombardo who is over 60+, could easily outmatch the rev. The Rev bangs the drums, Mike Portnoy makes his beats sound classy while remaining metal. Mike Portnoy radiates personality and groove.
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I See You Chose Some Of The Slower Songs For The Rev U Didnt Show Any WTF Which has alot of crazy drumming
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Pigly_Jainda Squad
+Robert Brook Yeah, the double ride parts. 
Robert Brook
+Pigly_Jainda Squad almost easy
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Jeremy Artavia
You choose wrong songs for rev here are the 3 songs you should of put Almost easy Afterlife and Brompton cocktail 
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Nature Fusion
Blinded in chains beast and the harlot and streets
brent pruss
Darkness surrounding solo
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and before doing the videos do some research and use there best songs
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you right i have tattoo's and im an OME the anti-emo
SKG Productions
BloodHarvest21 also don't lie on the internet it just makes you look dumb
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after looking at the comments i feel sad that so many people are being dicks the rev was a great drummer and mike respected him enough to help out the band in their time of need ok done bitching 
Mike helped out because he was jimmys favorite drummer
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