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Published on Mar 18, 2010

Exclusive spectacular views of Mars and it's many, geometric shapes~lines~structures~landscapes~anomalies found in Mars images. For more videos please subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBp9...

Could the many different unique shapes and patterns be signs for intelligent construction.
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The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter takes images in long
strips of the surface of Mars.
I am viewing this image at a 55 degree angle to the surface.
Watch as the image takes on a flattened out view, with no
depth and then when rotated more depth becomes visible.

This heading is due north, notice how more depth is in the
image. Now we can see things as they where captured.
This angle and heading is now in correct perspective to
understand the information in the image.

Not all headings are going to be north.
Sometimes you will find things at different headings.

The things you are about to see are only in this image at
this precise heading. I sure hope there are others who
are taking notes on this and will try this for themselves.

Contrary to popular belief the orbiter does not capture
images using a camera, but it bounces frequencies off
the surface and stores the data into computer language.

Do you see anything that resembles possible life?
Look very careful as there is a life form figure in this
frame. This is nothing, wait I will show you many more
before this presentation is done.

Objects you may see:
vegetation, trees, shelters, caves, transportation, steps,
ramps, walkways, catwalks, ferns, people, animals,
saucer craft, other space craft, technology.

If you pause the video and have a longer look you will be able to
perceive more objects. These are complex structures, evidence
of intelligent design. There is way to much here to dismiss as
image artifacts or imagination.
The false coloring put into the image by NASA is to distract from the perspective.
As you see in these images, the blue is a false coloring and runs as
stripes across the image.
That data received It is not a photograph, but radio
frequencies that need to be assembled, formatted,
calibrated, stitched, mosaicked, and finally projected from the
orbiter's point of view to a standard map orientation.
So in effect the image map has a particular point of view where
the orbiter captured the strip of landscape.
This means the images can only be understood from the correct angle, heading and range the satellite was capturing the topography of the land. That is why correct heading and range is Important to be able to understand the information. When an image is properly viewed at the right heading and angle it was taken, things will stand out. Hills and valleys can be perceived and understood. Trees, shrubs,structures and many more things will pop out at the viewer. Walkways, roads, paths, trails, porches, monuments, will line up on the same plane or what would be a universal level line to each other in the image. Also because satellite images are in fact not true photos but are
rather a rendering or facsimile of the surface based on frequencies
assembled into a drawing or painting.

This is why many objects or areas appear to look like a Painting.
Again I can not stress this enough that these are not real photos of the surface. They are assembled into a drawing. Satellite image is captured at an angle to the surface, and not captured at a straight downward view.
It would be almost impossible to always have a direct straight down shot on everything. So when viewing these images in Google Mars make sure to approach the image at about a 50 degree angle to the surface. Then try and rotate the view in a 360 rotation. As you do this rotation check for the depth in the image to be at its greatest, when things begin to stand upright. When you find the best depth you can begin to search for objects that are standing up off the surface.

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