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Published on Sep 24, 2018

Today, I want to give you a better way to answer the question “Tell me about yourself”.

This is truly the best way to answer the question, tell me about yourself. Its authentic, genuine, sincere, honest, and HUMAN.

I see so many people out there giving these cold, corporate, inhuman-type answers, because they talk about just their accomplishments and their work experience, and that’s it.

So, when an employer asks them, “Tell me about yourself” they just rattle off their accomplishments and some of their work experience and then stay there.

Well, that’s okay. And that’s a method that I actually teach in some of my guides. But I want to give you a better way to do it, a warmer way to do it, a more personable way to do it, a more human way to do it.

Because you think about it? They’re saying, “Tell me about yourself”. They’re not saying, “Tell me about all the great things that you did”. They want to know about you as a person. And so, this is like the only question that you have the opportunity to get personal with them. And when you get personal with someone, that gives you the opportunity to make a connection; a long lasting connection.

And that’s what you want in the interview. You want to connect with that employer or that recruiter, that interviewer, so that they remember you, so that they see that you are a unique individual; you’re a real person and they want to know more about you.

So, when they ask you, “Tell me about yourself”, instead of giving them that cold response, and really, what a lot of people are doing is they’re just answering the question, “Why are you qualified for this job?” That’s the type of answer that you’re giving when you’re telling them about just your experience and your accomplishments.

So, actually tell them about you, and the way you can do that is to talk about your journey through your career; like how you got started, what sparked your interest and then what are your next steps? What did you do? How did you first explore that passion? Did you go to college? Did you work somewhere? And talk about your journey through your career up to where you’re at now, and then you end with where you see yourself going.

So, let me give you an example. I mean, let’s say you’re in the medical field, and let’s say you’ve always wanted to be a doctor or a medical technician, a nurse or whatever.

So, maybe a little kid, you found a kitten or a bunny and maybe it was wounded, and you nursed back to health, and you just felt this overwhelming amount of joy in your life, because you helped nurture this animal back to health. And then from that point on, maybe you were eight or 10 years old, you’re like, “I want to be a vet and I want to help animals for the rest of my life”.

That’s how you start your answer off. You tell that story. Tell that story and you make a connection with them.

And then you tell them what you did next. Maybe in high school, you studied more about biology and in the back of your mind, you always knew you wanted to be a vet, or maybe baby you want to be a doctor and help people. I don’t know; it could go either way.

And then you talk about your journey into medical school and what you did, and where you went, and how you did it, and how you stayed excited or what kept you going, what fueled you through the process of going through that. And then talk about what you did after college, where you started working, whatever. Or maybe along the way, you volunteered at a pet hospital and you helped nurture animals back to health over there, whatever.

Tell them a story about you, how you got started, and then where that led you in your life, and how it’s affected your life, and where it’s brought you up to today, and then where do you see yourself going.

Now, if you’re not in the medical field, let’s say you’re in finance or banking or accounting. Let’s say in high school, you were (you know, when we’re in high school, we start to find out more about ourselves). So, maybe in high school in 10th grade, you took an accounting class. And for whatever reason, those numbers just hit you in such a way that they made sense. You started thinking about accounting numbers all the time, running things in your head, and you are really good with numbers, and you could just do simple or complex equations in your mind; whatever. Whatever inspired you to get into the field of accounting, talk about that.

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