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Published on Jun 16, 2011

(Lets pretend MB has their own house with their own rooms and the whole works, okay! lol K back to story)

-At MB's home-

Layla: Its kinda late now so we're staying over

RayRay: I'm with YN!!

-Everyone turns to Ray Ray-

Prince: Whoa Ray Ray, calm down!

Tammy: Oooh YN what happened with you and Ray Ray??

YN: We're going out now

Roc: Got in there quick didn't ya

RayRay: Shut up

Roc: I'm joking!

Prod: I'm going sleep with Tammy because I think I ate too much

Prince: I'm with Layla then!

Leah: What?! WHY?! -- I mean, whatever..

Layla: *Looks at Leah* That's cool with me

Leah: And then I'm stuck with Roc...

Roc: What's wrong with me?!

Leah: ....Let's just go bed!

- Ray Ray's Room-

YN: I'm going to change into my pj's

RayRay: Okay I'll be waiting

YN: For what? I ain't doing anything special

RayRay: Yeah that's what you think

YN: *Changes clothes and comes out of bathroom*

RayRay: *Grinning* Yo sexy, come sit right here next to me

YN: Fine by me *Smiles and walks over to him*

RayRay: You just gonna stand there? C'mere girl! *Pulls your arm then gets on top of you*

YN: Ray Ray, what are you planning on doing..?

RayRay: *Smiles* Something like this *Kisses lips* Or this *Sucks on neck* And a little of this *Nibbles on ear*

YN: *Blushes* Hehehehe. Ray Ray if we keep going we won't sleep

RayRay: That was the point!

YN: *Laughs* Fine gimme a little more kisses then go bed

RayRay: *Smiles* Gladly!

-Next Morning-

+Everyone else except Ray Ray & YN are awake+

Leah: Ugh man, I didn't sleep good

Layla: You're always complaining

Leah: But my back is hurting me!! So I can't say when I'm in pain now?!

Roc:Lemme help you then

Leah: The only help I NEED is for someone to get me a new bed

Roc: Okay I'm just gonna leave you *Roc & Layla head for the kitchen*

Leah: Oh so I SUDDENLY turned invisible!!

Prince: *Mumbles: Shut UP Leah ugh....*

-Ray Ray's Room-

RayRay: *Whispering* You awake...?

YN: ...........

RayRay: *Goes to kiss*


RayRay: Whooaaa!

YN: *Jumps on top of him* That's what you get for making me stay up last night

RayRay: *Takles to get on top of her* I would've made you stay up longer but I had to hold my self back

YN: Oh really?

RayRay: Yeah really. I'm going for a shower, if you miss me too much you can always join me

YN: As much as I would LOVE to; I'm gonna have to pass on that

RayRay: Suit yourself, but you know you want ALL of this!

YN: Your crazy! *Throws towel at him* Go bath and meet us in the kitchen

-In kitchen-

YN: Good morning everyone!

Everyone: Morning!

Tammy: So how do you like my food Prod?

Prod: They taste delicious *Smiles*

Tammy: Thanks *Smiles*

YN: Are you two going out or something?

Prod: Yup!

Tammy: Yes we are!

Prince: That's great! Prod when did you ask her?

Prod: Last night when I was a temporary fat man

Everyone: *Laughs*

Leah: Soo, yeah. Are we gonna go out today or we staying in?

YN: Why don't you decide since we ALL seem to pick bad places

Leah: Since you insist..... There's this hot new arcade that just opened up

Roc: Alright, let's all get ready and head there!

-At the arcade-

Ep 4 on Sat :) x


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