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Published on Dec 27, 2007

CANT VIEW? Find other copies on youtube. Also look for it on Metacafe, where they don't block physics demos on science channels.
YES, HAZARDOUS PHYSICS DEMO: open flame, sharp edges. Same hazards as cooking. (SHOW MORE)
Beer bottle in a microwave oven. IT MELTS. Blow-torch is required, goggles required, gloves NOT required (but don't touch white hot melted glass.) This demo is for teens and up, same hazards as for power tools and the kitchen. Blow torches and sharp broken glass: not for little kids!

Yes, you can safely touch these hot beer bottles, usually. Just keep fingers away from glowing-hot melted parts. Microwave ovens won't heat glass very much unless it's already melting. Unlike hot metal, glass is a thermal insulator.

Because of boiled water and plasma, that one beer bottle was slightly too warm to comfortably grab with fingers. Notice that the melted wine glass at 3:40 could be held in bare hands just fine, even though the top was heated white-hot.

Does it harm the oven? Well, mine is still working, and that's my original "garage test" oven in constant use since my 1994 "Unwise Experiments" website (but with paint a bit burned.) Whenever you see charred spots in your oven-ceiling, you know that someone's been making plasma balls again. Very old pre-1970s ovens may have fragile magnetron tubes which won't tolerate an empty oven chamber.

Best is to buy a "basement experimentation" oven for $10 at a garage sale.

More "unwise experiments" are on the main site: http://amasci.com/weird/microexp.html


Lots more stuff at SCIENCE HOBBYIST http://amasci.com/unew.html

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