Somewhat Faster Brawls - Link (MKDH) VS Toon Link (Ephraim225)





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Published on Aug 26, 2009

A Brawl event has begun as the Brawlers decide to take each other on. There is security to prevent attacks that would exploit the Master Knight's absence due to the Hyphy Movement, the San Francisco Bay Area residents who prove that it doesn't deserve to be called the "Yay Area", the shallow girls who would say "wanna suck my pee" just to mock him, and the Oakland rioters. And now the Brawlers have matches with each other....

Here's the codes I used courtesy of Brawl+ efforts:

Random Tripping go bye bye (one line)
* 0481CB34 EC210828

Three halves downward gravity makes peoples fall down faster
* 04641524 3FC00000

The extra fifteen percent to dash speed is nice
* 045A9308 3F933333

This should make the jump speed fifty percent better FTW
* 045A9318 3FC00000

Momentum Capture which should make running jumps far better
* C28669D8 00000013
* 3C008180 809D0008
* 8084FFFC 7C040000
* 4080000C 80840030
* 48000008 3880FFFF
* 807D007C A0E30006
* 80630038 2C03000B
* 40A20044 3C004540
* 901B000C C05B000C
* 38A2FE5C 84C50004
* 7CC0C671 4180000C
* 7C002000 4082FFF0
* 54C0027E 6C004540
* 901B000C C01B000C
* FC001028 C03B0008
* FC210032 2C030022
* 41800014 2C04002F
* 40A20010 2C070112
* 41A00008 D03B0008
* 60000000 00000000
* C277F794 00000002
* 801E0034 B01E0006
* 801E0048 00000000

This better fix the %#$*$&* Moonjumps
* 065A9180 00000020
* 07000D9A 21000C00
* 1A001333 20000B33
* 16000C00 2F001C00
* 1800119A FF000ECC

All of the matches were with Ephraim225. His playstyle tends to be buggy, but if anybody flames mine OR his, they'll be blocked without comment approval. No questions asked. These matches are more intended to be fun anyway (you'd be surprised why I even made these videos, actually), which is part of the point of the codes, due to Brawl's low speed especially in comparison to Melee. (Maybe I should make an alternative codeset with the Frame Speed Mod to increase the combat frames, hopefully by 50%--assuming I can also get a code to multiply the character size by maybe 85% so that there's far less easy abuse of Battlefield's platforms.) Brawl+ has its issues, but it does have a point.

For those interested, my contact info is on my profile page and my FC is 0903-3155-2367. And remember: PEACH CAN'T BEAT OLIMAR!

Match commentary: well, this is much better, partly because I'm the heavyweight in this match. Or maybe Pikachu's kill power was overly insane compared to Toon Link's. Whatever the case may be, I don't have to worry about stupidly dying at lower percentag-...what the? Regular Link's recovery has to be so bad that edgeguarding won't even become necessary. And why can't he charge up his Up B in the air anyway? He can do so on the ground, but not in the air? Let me guess: that would make too much sense? At least this match is close though.


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