I Can Make You A Man-The Rocky Horror Picture Show (with lyrics)

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Publicado el 26 nov. 2010

A weakling, weighing ninety-eight pounds
Will get sand in his face
When kicked, to the ground,
And soon in the gym, with a determined chin,
The sweat from his pores, as he works for his cause..
Will make him glisten
and gleam.
And with massage, and just a little bit of steam,
He'll be pink, and quite clean
He'll be a strong man. Oh honey...

But the wrong man.

He'll eat nutritious high protein,
And swallow raw eggs...
Try to build up his shoulders, his chest, arms, and... legs.
Such an effort if he only, knew of my plan.
In just seven days...
I can make you a man.
He'll do press-ups, and chin-ups
Do the smearch, clean and jerk.
He thinks dynamic tension, must be hard work.
Such strenuous living, I just don't understand,
When in just seven days, ...oh baby, ...I can make you a man..

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    • The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Original Soundtrack
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    • Richard O’Brien
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