Let's Enjoy Wario Land 4 EP10 (Finale): Golden Showdown!





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Published on May 19, 2012

Diva is dead, Princess is saved, Wario is rich, Archeologist finds stuff.
The End.

Golden Diva, Ghastly Ugly Greedy Urper Surpeme:
20 HP
Item Damage:
Apple Bomb: 1
Blast Cannon: 1
Vizorman: 2
Bugle: 3
Black Dog: 8
Large Lips: 5
Big Fist: 6
Black Dragon: 7
This final boss. She's a tough one! With 20 HP, four phases and whole mess of moves, she's a pain to fight quickly.

Kabuki Scare: A mask gets Wario, makes him pretty and twirls him around. Wastes time! Charge Throw to destroy her fan!
Aerodent Ricoshet: A ball that bounces when tackled. Explodes after three bounces, a short time, or hitting a face.
Cuckoo Conder Special: Black ducks that explode. Hit her with the egg!
Cractus Harvet: A floaty spike. Charge Throw to her face for maximum effect.
Catbat Bounce: Hammer yourself on the head and give her a head-butt-uppercut!
Ground POUND: Her big ass is pretty heavy! Watch out for the spikes!
Slippy Lips: Harmless. Watch them squirm!

In the first phase:
Jump on attacking mask.
Charge Throw at Fan.
Rinse and Repeat.

In the second phase:
Dash attack bouncy ball.
Throw egg at her.
Use hammer to become bouncy wario, then use A for a powerful headbut.
Jump on floaty green spikes, then throw it at her.

In the third phase:
Lure her to attack. Avoid losing too much terrain!
Hit her in the jaw with a might dash!

In the fourth phase:
Beware her might puckers!

Golden Pyramid 1:
Mix and Match: Of Wario status.
Timer: You start on the Frog Switch.
Required Gauntlet: Keyzer is at the end!

Princess Shokora: She's a cat. But now she's hot! And human! She gives the gift of sexy kisses and leaves for the heavens. Aw.

Cractus Crown:
A magic crown that makes any plant pot magical! Cractus wouldn't be so tough without it!

Aerodent Amulet:
Makes even the weakest inflatable plushie a bear of steel!

Batty Bracelets:
Catbat uses these to fuel his magical powers. Or maybe they're just for show?

Cuckoo Conder Chandelier:
Two lovely earrings. They bestow great knowledge to those that possess it. You'll need it, if you want to use a mechanical clock as a bird!

Velvet Fan:
A very soft, fancy fan, said to stop the strongest attacks. Being delicate and expensive, it doesn't stop them for long though.

Golden Sapling:
This sapling aspires to once become a jewel-encrusted tree! It inspires all that see it with great hope. It's AWFUL Feng Shui though.

Golden Seed:
A large, solid gold seed. Also makes an excellent paperweight.

Gold Fish:
Very, very ugly. Even the gold, the crown and the gems can't make his ugly mug any prettier. I'd prefer a regular Goldfish myself.

Golden Oil Lamp:
A golden lamp holding a flame made of jewels. Despite not being an actual flame, it emits a soft, loving warmth.

Golden Genie Lamp:
The Genie that lived in this lamp must have been rich. However, the economic crisis forced it to move, so no three wishes for you! If even genies can't avoid it...

Golden Crescent Chair:
A delicate chair made of solid gold. It's so luxurious and delicate, you'll never wake up from that five minute nap.

Golden Aerodent Bear:
A replica of Aerodent's bear. Don't give it to a baby. It's too heavy and doesn't like hugs.

Gold Lollipop:
When King Midas grabbed a lollipop, this was the result. A very expensive artefact to mythologists.

Golden Game Boy Advance:
This rare gold-plated Game Boy Advance guaranties the best handheld gaming experience. A true Nintendo Collector's item!

Gold Toy Robot:
This robot can say over 15 sentences and walk 2 miles before needing a recharge. It runs, however, on solid diamonds.

Gold Rocket:
Rocket scientists across the world want this, if only to brag about their job revolving around gold rockets.

Gold Toy Horse:
One tap will keep this thing wobbling forever. A perpetual mobile, just for the kids.


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