Badministrator - Wanna be Friends? (Amumu Tribute)





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Published on May 10, 2012

Download Page: http://badmin.trinityforcepodcast.com/
Background: http://irie-ites.deviantart.com/art/S...

I wanted to do a more emotional, character driven song so I decided to pick the most emotional guy in the league. Thanks go out to ~irie-ites for allowing me to use the "Sad Amumu" background image and to LilyPichu for providing her voiceover/impression talents as Amumu.

~irie-ites: http://irie-ites.deviantart.com/
LilyPichu: http://www.youtube.com/user/LilyPichu...

Beat - Soldierz by Crown (Grim Reaperz)

Incredible like the Hulk but I'm also a lonely man
I get wrapped up in depression like only a mummy can
I've tried every medication it would take forever to list'em
but they don't work so well when you don't have a circulatory system
I run the jungle even though I hate the solitude
Assist whoever I can, try to be a solid dude
But no one likes the undead, I try to make friends they just get rude
Cop an attitude, it really puts me in an awful mood
But truth be told my, my despair is kind of necessary
and when I get angry my tantrums are legendary
With so much AoE everything I touch is cursed
It's true that I feel bad but I'm about to make you feel much worse
Your health is looking low, you took a lot of damage kid
let me help you out, I'll toss you over some bandages
You shouldn't run away, I know that you think you're a thug
but even the toughest champs in the league can sometimes use a hug

Decended into madness, a painful black abyss
I'm powered by sadness, the depths of loneliness,
You can say I'm odd and you can point and sneer and snicker
the only thing it's going to do is cause the game to end quicker
Cause I'm a heavy hitter, I'll watch your lights flicker
pain emitter, leave you on the ground like you're a pile of litter
You should reconsider my offer before you meet your end
so let me ask you one more time, You wanna be friends?
You wanna be friends?

Cause you know I do, I've never had a real friend before
Not that I'd remember anyway my past is kind of a blur
I'm just a wanderer, roamed south Valoran alone
Until I found the institute of war and made the league my home
Can't feel my hearbeat, I'm like the tin man
Squat like a Yordle, walk like an Egyptian
Not sure how old I am but they say that I act like a teen
It ain't that simple, just ask Kermit, "It's not easy being green"
I tried to make a rainbow connection with Lux she shut me down
I'm a little scared of fire, didn't stop me, I asked Annie out
She said yes and it was nice for once that I wasn't alone
then she asked me for advice about a guy, guess I got friend zoned
But honestly a friend is all I ever asked for
Someone to dps while I CC, someone I can support
Someone to stick with through victory and through defeat
Someone to hug, someone to make a mummy's life complete


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