How to make Utorrent faster / fast (works on all versions) (over 5 MB/S) 1080p/Full HD





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Published on Apr 8, 2012

Please read this first before commenting or doing anything. :) (btw very bad grammar and type mistakes)
and yes it works for ALL vertions i am using 3.3.1 with is the newest. and pretty sure it will work for atleast the next 50 vertions.
IF YOUR SPEED IS OVER 1 MB/s, then don´t touch anything. Because it can go wrong. and it can go wrong for everyone, but i mean if you have 1 MB/s then i can't see any reason to make it faster :) but have try anyway for people who has under 1 mb/s
For some it will be 1-100% faster and for some 5000% faster i have even seen some 25000% faster and even more then that. (20 kb/s and then gets 5 MB/s = 25000% faster) and also for some it will go down (manly for people who has a lot of virus or probelms) but for the most people it will go up and thats why i made this video:)
music: nwa - fuck the police
Please keep in mind that torrent download's speed can sometime be around 2 Mb/s and other time 87 kb/s or something like that, depends on the seed, and ofcause is very different from computer to computer.

The video is blocked from: Montenegro, Serbien/Tyskland/Dutchland/Germany. because im racist, just kidding. Because well i dont know. youtube did it.
the torrent i download was an album by nwa with under 150 seeders. (not very much) than i download a torrent with 1847 seeders (movie) than the movie downloaded 10+ MB/s

- Port used for incoming connections: 45682

- Maximum upload rate: 10
- Global maximum number of connections 2329
- Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 1890
- Number of upload slots per torrent: 14

Bit Torrent:
- Enabled

- Maximum number of active torrents: 60
- Maximum number of active downloads: 63
- Minimum ratio: 150

- Bt.allow_same_ip: True
- Dht.rate: 2
- Rss.Update_interval: 20
- (just check that Gui.show:notorrents_node is False if not then make it)
Hope it helps, and sorry for my english...

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Trey Collins
i don't understand how I can get 18-20 mb/s through other download areas yet only 250-350 max kb/s on utorrent......
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yeah exactly, on ftp and other servers i get 23mb/s download speed (upc internet 200mbps dl / 20 mbps up) but yet on torrent i get only few mb EDIT: after applying these settings on my new gaming ntb i got 12-15mb/s :) i recommend these settings for anybody with fiber / high-speed internet connection EDIT #2: SETTING YOUR MAXIMUM UPLOAD RATE IN BANDWITH TO 0 HELPS TOO!! YOU SHALL GET MORE SPEED.
Clash boy
are you sure is not mpb/s
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+TuNi KaGe Free utorrent
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Luis M.
If you have 2 torrent applications like utorrent and bitorrent one of them wont get that much internet speed as the other one. another thing you dont really have to do all that he is doing. Just go to Preferences>then connections> then look for global maximum and maximum for toreent in these you can put 1000 for global maximum and 500 per torrent and it will increase your speeds, I get 6.7 mb/s.
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Oshane Raymond
Im sorry man i was so fed up
Luis M.
Well thats happened to me before too, it might just be the torrent youre trying to download might not have peers to connect to. Find another torrent of the same one. and make sure you go into bandwidth and do these changes because in connections as I had stated up top is incorrect/
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daniel alfaro
Not working!.. you said its "works on all versions" but its not works on my torrent. 3.2.1 beta! Please help me, I want to increase my Download Speed because the size of the game that I downloading is 13.8 GB Size, its GTA 4 PC Version. Thats why I want to increase my download speed.I Added it 5 days ago, the status is only  23%.  sorry for my bad english..
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Nitin Singh
guy plzz dont go ot this this is bull shit generator which has serveys
Smeer Zidane
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me i have 400 plus kbs that is great Because im Helpfull i will give u To up that speed copy this and paste to properties to youre download udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce udp://tracker.1337x.org:80/announce udp://tracker.istole.it:80/announce udp://tracker.ccc.de:80/announce udp://fr33dom.h33t.com:3310/announce udp://11.rarbg.com/announce udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80/announce udp://tracker.yify-torrents.com:80/announce udp://tracker.prq.to/announce http://tracker.yify-torrents.com/anno... http://www.h33t.com:3310/announce http://exodus.desync.com/announce http://tracker.coppersurfer.tk:6969/a... http://tracker.blazing.de/announce udp://9.rarbg.com:2750/announce http://bt.careland.com.cn:6969/announce udp://tracker.ex.ua:80/announce udp://coppersurfer.tk:6969/announce udp://ipv4.tracker.harry.lu:80/announce udp://12.rarbg.me:80/announce udp://9.rarbg.com:2750/announce http://exodus.desync.com:6969/announce old tracker list 2013 http://bt.home-ix.ru.nyud.net/announce http://tracker.ex.ua/announce http://www.h33t.com:3310/announce http://bt.home-ix.ru/announce.php http://tracker.tfile.me/announce http://i.bandito.org/announce http://7ece.co.uk:6969/announce http://bt.home-ix.ru.nyud.net/announc... http://bttrack.9you.com/announce http://coppersurfer.tk:6969/announce http://announce.torrentsmd.com:6969/a... http://bigfoot1942.sektori.org:6969/a... http://bigtorrent.org:2710/announce http://tracker.ex.ua:80/announce http://announce.opensharing.org:2710/... http://greenlietracker.appspot.com/an... http://announce.torrentsmd.com:8080/a... http://bt.home-ix.ru/announce http://announce.torrentsmd.com:8080/a... http://calu-atrack.appspot.com.nyud.n... http://exodus.desync.com/announce http://calu-atrack.appspot.com/announce http://tracker.marshyonline.net/announce http://tracker.torrent.to:2710/announce http://tracker.coppersurfer.tk:6969/a... http://exodus.desync.com:6969/announce http://bt.poletracker.org:2710/announce http://fr33dom.h33t.com:3310/announce Then Go to trackers See if that is working Goodluck! Asshole
Then if u want go to may channel to Help you
Ryan Ramirez
it depends on ur locations assholes hahaha
Panda SUPReMe
Nice I went from 1.2 KB to 100 -200 KB 
נעם מרקמן
You saved me. My upload speed was stuck on 40kb/s. Now it 5MB/S I will love you forever
jed jed
LEGIT!!! swear it works .. from 3 mbps to almost 15 ( 10-14 mbps ) not a scam. thanks bro . youre very helpful
Aagman Sahu
it's work i got 540 kb/s speed
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jass chahal
+Aagman Sahu i have 3.4.5 utorrent
jass chahal
its not your mistake but thanks
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