Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (Official Video)


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Published on Dec 2, 2011

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kiitty katt
I've got a bad depression for like 4 years. And I'm just 16. Last year, I was really, really depressed, and I tried to kill myself. I stoped going to school for 3 months, and I was thinking about my life. Not all deceptions, not all the problems I had at home, not the bullying in school was worth my life going away. I'm giving me a chance again, to live, start again with dancing, and loving my beautiful body ,because I have. And all of you, if you're passing something similar, don't give up. I started yesterday going to dance class, and I went back to school, again. No one is going to stop me now, and I am convinced that I'm going to make it. You can do it too. Lady Gaga helped me to trust myself, and love myself. Please, don't give up.
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Kathy vey
kiitty katt why is it worth it...
Grace Niño de Guzmán
May God bless you, you are great, my best wishes for you :) kiitty katt
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It took me a few years to realize that Gaga saved pop music.
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The greatest KitKat that ever lived
GLamoRousCooKie it took me 2 seconds
Weronika Armstrong
GLamoRousCooKie She's the legend of it as well
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Kevin Skii
The intro tho, she soo intelligent, which is rare in this industry, right!
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Sarah Elizabeth
Kevin Skii you think those were her own words? lol okay.
Bring Me The Game
StuG III F thanks. She really is awesome though
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Tony Nguyen
shes the only one dancing in high ass heels so that makes her better than all the other dancers in the video
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Poi Lethe
it's a skill one can develop if one wishes to.
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Zohaib Rehman
Reminds me of Elsa Mars.
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Lord Farquad
Elsa my babe <3
Mauro H
Briony Solo it's freak show
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Jimmy Parker
I was reading some of the comments. Thought I would chime in and give some love hopefully. I'm 53. Yeah been around for a while. Been through a lot. Went through 20 years of mental hospitals. Tried suicide 4 times. After the fourth time failed figured I would stick around and see what happens. I have learned a lot. But the most important thing is to be true to yourself and who you are. No one is really going to care about you except you. Girlfriends and boyfriends come and go. Sometimes even wives and husbands but..... You always have YOURSELF. People can take away your car,your house all you have. But don't let them take WHO YOU ARE. Love yourself in spite of what people say. It is hard. Nothing in this world comes easy. But if you are true to yourself things will work out. So love yourself and forget the haters because they will not be around forever anyway. Besides they are probably jealous anyway because you are smarter and love yourself and they don't love themselves. That is why people bully. It is because they see something in you that they don't have. Stop and think about it. Peace and love from everyone of me and to everyone of you.
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Ellysa Vitoria
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Fat Pineapple
Who remembers being 8 years old watching this ? Ahaha, great memories
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nights sky
Fat Pineapple I was 10
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Christian Thompson
Marry The Night has everything. Breath-taking choreography, great vocals, amazing lyrics and iconic video. Masterpiece.
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Claudia Eggert
Christian Thompson @Sevetwefs0651894@gmail.comyensblensat
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Min Suga jjang jjang man boong boong
"I'm gonna merry the night, i'm not gonna cry anymore" So yeah, fuck u college! i'm gonna finish u and imma become a mother fuckin-lives-saving ass doctor! You aren't gonna beat me !
Mohamed Ahmed
Min Suga jjang jjang man boong boong love the motivation 😂
not brooke candy
i miss the days of choreographed dancing in music videos tbh
Nate Jacobs
not brooke candy watch todricks videos
not brooke candy check out Tinashe
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