Broken Inside [[A Nelena Story]] Season 1 Episode 1





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Uploaded on Jan 11, 2009

i hope you like it!
a new intro will be made soon. [;
i was wondering...do you guys think i should start making my stories as videos or keep them in the description box? tell me!
Selena: *walking around holding a plate of food, trying to stay unnoticed by everyone she knows from school*

Miley: *sees Selena* Oh my god...Nick's parents hired her?! *laughs* How messed up is she? Working as a server?

Emily: *laughs a little* That's embarassing...I doubt she's even making any money. Speaking of Nick, have you seen him? I haven't seen him or Joe yet at all.

Nick: *walking through the huge crowd of people, not paying attention to where he's going, and he bumps into someone*

Selena: *falls onto the floor and drops all of the food on top of her*

Miley & Emily: *laughing hysterically*

Miley: *through her laughter* I think I found him.

Nick: Don't you pay attention?

Selena: ME?! YOU'RE the one who wasn't-

Nick: Just...stop wasting my time and don't talk to me anymore, okay? *walks away annoyed*

Selena: *still on the floor, about to get up*

David: Selena? What are you doing here?

Selena: *looks up at him* David? Well, my mom was hired for this party and I'm serving. Um...more importantly, what are you doing here?

David: It turns out my mom's friends with their mom. Do you, uh...need some help? *holds out his hand*

Selena: You finally noticed me laying on the floor, huh? *laughs* Yes please, that'd be nice. *takes his hand, pulls herself up*

David: You, uh...have some lettuce in your hair. *laughs a little, takes it out of her hair*

Selena: Oh god. *sarcastically* It's going to be so much fun to get to go to school tomorrow after this. *sighs*

David: Don't worry about it. I bet no one even saw that.

Selena: How much do you bet on that? *looks around at everyone pointing and still laughing*

David: Don't worry about them. You don't even know half of them.

Selena: I know, but still. *picks the plate up off the ground* Well, I should be getting back to my mom now. *sighs* I'll see you later.

David: Yeah, okay. Bye Selena.

After the party...

Selena: *helping her mom clean up all the leftover food and put the equiptment back into her mom's car*

Kevin: *upstairs* Nick, go help Selena.

Nick: Dude, you're kidding me, right? There are so many reasons why I wouldn't do that. 1. She's Selena. 2. Why would I want to clean? 3. She's almost done. I could go on but I'd rather not waste anymore of my time or yours.

Kevin: Fine. I'll go help her then.

Nick: *sarcastic* Oh, boy! Sounds like loads of fun! I wish I could join you! BYE! *slams his door shut*

Kevin: *rolls eyes, goes downstairs, helps Selena finish cleaning*

The end of episode 1!
I know not much happened in this episode and it was kind of short, so I'm sorry about that.
The next episode will be MUCH better I promise you that. [;
Any suggestions? Share them with me please. [:
And if you actually like my series you can vote for me, too, I guess, but...I know nobody will...


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