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Uploaded on Dec 9, 2009

Guys I promise you I did not fall off the face of the planet! Haha! Chapter 50 already! Almost done with this story then I should be posting the sequel! Yay! Enjoy!

(with Jessi)
Jessi: (crying) Nicky! Nicky please! You have to come out from underneath there! Ow! (the tugging was getting worse) Nicky! (she then hears a muffled voice)
???: Crap! This thing is friggen heavy!!
Jessi: (listens intently. She looks over to the board Nick is under and notices it moving.) Nicky? (it lifts more and then Nick sticks his head out from underneath it.)
Nick: Wow. Miracles really do happen.
Jessi: Nicky!!
Nick: Seriously! What kind of agency has torture rooms?
Jessi: Nicky!
Nick: Oh hey Jessi. What's happenin'?
Jessi: How is that even possible?
Nick: Well this one only had a boarder of spikes and the middle was nice cushion, and somehow my body just fit in it perfectly.
Jessi: That is so great. (smiles)
Nick: What? What the heck is this?
Jessi: Well in like 30 seconds, my hair is going to pretty much rip off my scalp so a little help would be great.
Nick: Oh geez. (he looks at how he can get it out but her hair is just too tangled.) Hold on. (he grabs a hammer that happened to be lying on the floor and jammed it into the gears.) That should give me some more time. (he looked to see what he could do. He got up and looked around for something sharp. He kept looking as Jessi pleaded for help. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocketknife.) Jessi you are going to lose a couple inches of hair. (He cut through her hair and she finally lifted her head. He then unstrapped her hands. She gets up and gives him a hug, they quickly pull out of the hug when they notice the hammer pop out of the gears and the bar twisting faster.)
Nick: Oooo.
Jessi: That would have hurt.
Nick: Yeah, but anyways we have to get to a computer room.
Jessi: Right. Let's go. (they leave the room and run down the hallway and finally see a sign above a door that says "Computer Room") There it is.
(as they are running up to the door they run into Joe and Kevin)
Kevin: I thought you guys were supposed to be looking for the Pepigel.
Nick: We are.
Joe: Well I am sure that it wouldn't be in the computer room.
Jessi: Well aren't you guys supposed to be looking for Andrea?
Kevin: Yeah. We are trying to get onto a computer to see if we can find out what room she is in.
Jessi: Well we are doing the same thing.
Kevin: Oh ok.
(they go inside the room and Jessi sits down at a computer. She hacks in and the map of the building comes up.)
Joe: It looks like Andrea is on the 4th floor in room 322 and the pepigel is on the 3rd floor in a big round room.
Kevin: Alright so now that we all know, let's go.
Joe: I'll go with Nick, and Jessi can go with you.
Kevin: Ok then.
(they all run out the door and Joe and Nick run one way and Kevin and Jessi run the other)
Nick: Ok so we just have to go up one floor and find a big round room.
Joe: Yeah. But let's take the stairs so we don't run into anyone.
Nick: What if someone is on the stairs too?
Joe: Nick, who honestly takes the stairs anymore? Once elevators came around stairs are like foreign.
Nick: Ok?
(with Kevin and Jessi)
Kevin: Alright. Let's get on the stairs.
Jessi: I think we should take the elevator.
Kevin: Why?
Jessi: Because I don't really feel like climbing 4 flights of stairs.
Kevin: Lazy much?
Jessi: (laughs) You have no idea.
Kevin: Ok. (goes to the elevator and pushes the UP button. Jessi gets in and he follows her. He pushes the 4th floor button.)
Jessi: Hey Kevin?
Kevin: Yeah?
Jessi: Does my hair look any shorter to you?
Kevin: (examines her hair) A litte bit. Not really. Why?
Jessi: Oh Nicky and I just got in a mess earlier but he fixed it.
(with Joe and Nick)
(they are going up the first flight of stairs and then they hear voices. They stop)
Nick: (whispering) I thought you said no one used the stairs!
Joe: Yeah...
Nick: Well what do we do now?
Joe: Go out and use the elevator.
Nick: (nods but suddenly a big man grabs Nick)
Man: Here comes trouble again! Everyone knows that you helped the other side. No more special treatment for you. (grabs Nick's neck and pushes him up against the wall. Nick kicks and punches the guy but it is no use, the man is too strong.) Now I will get rid of you once and for all.
Joe: Hey dirt face! (man looks at him) Let him go!
Man: Or what? You'll hit me? Oooo.
Nick: (still kicking and hitting the man, looks over at Joe for help)
Joe: Seriously, just drop him.
Man: (chuckles and rolls his eyes)
Joe: (runs at him and punches him where it hurts, the man drops Nick and Nick falls to the ground coughing and trying to catch his breath)
Man: (yells in anger and punches Joe, causing him to fall down a flight of stairs. He hits his head on the bottom and is knocked out.)

So what do you guys think of Nick Jonas and the Administration?

20+ comments & I will try to get up the rest of the story this weekend! :)

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