BrySi the Machinima Guy - Battlefield 3 Rap - Noob Killer! by BrySi (Musical Machinima)





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Published on Oct 23, 2011

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Sinners Are Winners
One of the best games EVER! I love BF3 more than BF4.
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marios matzoros
May Torres both battlefield and halo are good but cod is terrible
I prefer BF3, i remember i bought it in august 2014, it was the f**king badass game ever,until EA told DICE to release BF4 a year before his original date of release, just because they worry about CoD and about how he might be better in selling,something that obviously wasn't gonna come true,like-NEVER,and than EA told DICE to f**k our brains with trailers that look awesome but in reality it's EA's plan to f**k with our mind,now i'm playing with two friends that have BF3 for almost a year, and i'm still enjoying BF3,i rather getting ran over be a MAV than get killed by a bullet of a 240 degrees curve around a f**king solid wall,so yeah BF4 was a big let-down for a lot of people,but i think the number 4 is cursed, every single game that have 4, is a let down in many cases,FC4 is an awesome game,i bought it and i have like 100 hours and i'm still enjoying it,but when compared to FC3, it's just as amazing as two horses f**king,at gameplay and story line.my sister bought Sims 4, when i was younger i played sims 2 and 3, i'm talking about 8 years old or something,[i'm now 15 if someone will make a joke about my age], it was hell of a lot of fun,in sims 4 i saw that they removed the option of moving from your house to let's say the GYM, you need a f**king phone for that,and not jog over there or use a car like in sims 3, because there are no freaking cars, i know most of you will say i wasted five minutes from my life on bulls**t that none will read,but i'm satisfied on sharing my thought,after all that's why we have youtube,to share our f**king shit so whoever see that message will die of heart attack because it's stupid :D
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Nostalgia... <3
The Northern Ghoul
I can remember listening to this while playing Bf3 like 4 years ago <3
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Dallas The roleplayer.
hyteem saleh
Majesty best song
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2016 now, I still know every lyric to this, I used to rap this to my friend Kaylum when we were in this drama group together back in the day, good times :3
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Dakota Wicker
+BRYSI - Music, DadLife, Woodworking, etc add me on xbox live
Dakota Wicker
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Jack Marshall
This is a classic
Anyone watching this and missing BrySi in 2016 ?
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He needs to bring back his raps
callum penaluna
he dont
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B 2 3 Clan
Battlefield all the time call of duty can't even get good graphics and multiplayer
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+Kyle gameing Hold up, what are you trying to say right now? D:
Its Xxgrandproxx
+tander101 Cod is for noob kill stearks whiel im HEAR OH YEAH NO KILL STEARCK IN BATTTTELFIELD PRO
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AdVaNcEdProphet - Skirmish Dominators Leader
"I felt the need to send Frostbite a letter, please send me a check, 'cause Modern Warfare is better. And that rap I made about Battlefield I was kidding, and Charlie Sheen would agree that Call of Duty is winning!" -Skullkruncher13
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Wow your so stupid it's almost funny. Learn the facts first. Dice makes the game and frostbite is the engine which is far superior to call of duty's engine due to how much more it can do such as better physics better visuals and much much much better sound design along with vehicles and 64 man PC servers.
A Link In The Park
oh you suc..........................
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Brian Soricelli
I love this song still and game even though it's 2016
The nostalgia D: like if you're watching in 2017!
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