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Published on Jul 1, 2014

Hello guys and welcome to another edition of Marek Connell English. Today I am going to help you again with a monologue for the Escuela Oficial speaking exam. Today we're going to be talking about breaking the law, so again this is a monologue and you have 3 to 3 and a half minutes to speak about the questions that you have on the sheet when you get them in the exam. I am going to talk probably about all the points.
So I'm going to probably go over 3 1/2 minutes
but again this is just to give you an idea
of what a native speaker would say
about all these topics.
Okay so Question number one:
Is honestly the best policy?
Wow that's a difficult question, I think we can see, especially in Spain, that politicians do not necessarily practice what they preach.
They tell us to...
you know, we have a lot of corruption happening
in the Spanish government
and it's always vert funny
for students to tell me the latest...
crazy things that politicians have done;
how they had stolen money
or done some kind of dodgy business.

I think everybody is dishonest
in one way or another and I think it's difficult-
there's a thing called the prisoner's dilemma
if you don't know about that have a look on google
and the idea is that nobody wants to be honest
in society because-how do you know that other people are going to be honest.
Why should you be honest when everybody else
is cheating and doing little dishonest things in society and big things as well.

Question number two
"Prisons have been turned into a kind of hotel with all kinds of facilities."

I think people who are wealthy and in important positions, when they are finally caught for, you know, dishonest behaviour - I think when they go to prison
its a problem.
You know, we're talking about five start prisons
-that's where those kinds of people normally go
but it depends on what kind of crime you have committed
and it depends on who you are.
I definitely don't think that people who are wealthy should be treated in any different way
but money talks in many ways
and I think if you had the money
to be able to afford a five star prison
then obviously you're going to try and go there
instead of a normal prison.
You know I think its quite difficult
because things like gyms, libraries, education;
those kinds of things,
should they be available in prisons or not?
It's difficult to say because at the same time
people who are in prison are often in prison
because they weren't able to create a good life
for themselves outside and so they turned to crime
as another option and maybe, you know,
if you're overweight, if you have weight problems
or if your not eating well;
having the opportunity to get better,
you know, to maybe work-out at your...at the gym
in your prison or to eat better food-
that can put you in a better state of mind
and make you a better citizen when you come out of prison.
I don't know-it's difficult, I think the jury is out on that topic.

Question number three
"CCTV is it an invasion of privacy or at school to ensure safety?"
CCTV is there for protection in many ways
but at the same time, in places like London,
you start to feel like there is a big brother society around you and they're watching your every move.
But at the same time, if you don't have anything to hide
then you shouldn't really have anything to worry about.

Question number Four
"Crime and technology fishing identity theft and hacking."
We live in a technological age at the moment and with that technology we've also seen a huge rise in crime associated with technology.
People can hack into your e-mail account or
they can get lots of information about you.
People can steal money from your bank account
by just pressing a few buttons
on their keyboards via the Internet.
We've seen with websites like WikiLeaks how hackers can discover a lot of sensitive information
and inform the public about it.
I don't necessarily disagree with what WikiLeaks has done
but at the same time there are a lot of problems associated with that as well.

Question number five
Corruption some authorities believe that they are of the law.
Again I think we can see in the society that we live in
at the moment that this is probably true.
A lot of people think that they can get away with murder nowadays.
Some of the things that politicians are doing in society really does make you think that they are...
...that they think they are untouchable
that nobody can arrest them
and they can do whatever they want.

I think, we as a society, need to try and unite
and let those kinds of people know that
they can't do whatever they want and really
that they should take their jobs a lot more seriously
and they should be servants of the people
rather than dictators.
Question number six:
Has the credit crunch ment a rise in crime rates?
Now crunch means to "Chrrruuuh"
to bite on something it's the kind of sound that you make
when you eat something crunchy....


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