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Published on Jul 20, 2012

Hear events as they occur during the first 30 minutes of the shooting at the "Dark Knight" premiere in Aurora, Colorado. At least 12 people have been reported dead and 38 injured from the shooting spree. Witnesses from the premiere shooting say chaos followed what appeared to be tear gas and loud "banging" during an intense scene in the film. Law enforcement have identified the suspect in the Dark Knight Rises premiere massacre as James Holmes, 24, of Aurora, Colorado.

For more on the shooting, go to http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/20/us/colo...

Find updates and videos of the shooting at http://www.cnn.com/

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Nathan Mayfield
We need guns taken away my ass!   If only ONE person was packing in that theater, many lives would have been spared.  We ALL need to be carrying guns. Especially teachers.   Then maybe we'll stand a chance against the growing number of psychopaths running around doing this stupid shit.
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Autumn Peirson
Agreed.People say its always ones who are buillied. Or the quiet and soft spoken people.I'm both soft spoken and a loner, and I was bullied.I never went on a rampage nor will I ever.
Elena Gilbert
And people complain that Bullying was involved at Columbine. Please. I was bullied some in school did I go on a shooting rampage? No. Those two were psycho's.
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charly00724 Wtf you guys blaming races blame the fucking guy killing everyone
Dank Man
Lil' Garbage You do know there's other races out there besides black people right? The guy who made that comment could've possibly been Mexican or muslim but you just assumes that he's black. That just shows your ignorance and lack of intelligents. Stop being a little butt hurt faggot and grow the fuck up, kid.
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abraham nores
Only if someone in that theater would have had a gun. 
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Ashton Ottley
Someone in the theatre did have a gun or else the shooting wouldnt have happened
+abraham nores Your trolling is a little obvious...
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Illinois Man
Police do not know how to respond to active shooter situations.
E Gom
what reasoning do you have behind this
Chawklet Studios
I used to go to that theater and I still do.
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Chawklet Studios
+AudioReviews i honestly didnt want to but they took me there and i couldnt say no
you dumb
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The one.
Oh this isn't terrorism ? oh wait it doesn't work that way
MemeMasterJackal _
What are you trying to say? That because he is white it isn't terrorism? The definition of terrorism is violence for political purposes. He did it just to kill.
James Eagan Holmes, 27, shot and killed 12 people at the Century 16 theatres in Aurora, CO 7/20/2012.
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Jack Garcia
They wanted the full movie. But they got was clips.
Shinobi Editz
good one
Joe Vazquez
Take away guns people will just make homemade bombs.
Freshly Baked Gaming
or just use a sword and start chopping arms legs and heads, taking guns away is pointless but will just make good gun owners angry.
Laura Elizabeth Estes Laura Elizabeth White
I would of snuck up behind him and broke that bitches neck!
+Elena Gilbert well put
Elena Gilbert
+Laura Elizabeth Estes Laura Elizabeth White No you wouldn't. You would have been dead on the spot. Don't be s tupid.
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