MacFUSE State of the Union

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Publicado el 16 dic. 2008

MacFUSE has come a long way since its introduction at Macworld 2007. There are tons of new features and improvements in this upcoming MacFUSE 2.0 release. To share all that's new in MacFUSE with developers and users, we will have a State of the Union talk.

We will show you how it's easier than ever before to write your own file systems using the tools and programming language of your choice. Some of the highlights of the talk are as follows.

* How to leverage new features in MacFUSE make your file system act more like a native Mac OS X file system.

* How to use the power of DTrace to debug and analyze your file systems and understand Mac OS X file system behavior in general.

* What the upcoming 64-bit support in MacFUSE means for your file systems.

* How to use the new file system templates in MacFUSE to quickly get started on a new file system.

* How to choose the best MacFUSE API for your specific needs.

* What the most important MacFUSE best practices are and how they can help you write less code that does more.

* Advanced and little known tips and tricks.

You will also get to see some interesting and unusual file systems never seen before on Mac OS X.

Speaker Bio:
Amit Singh is an operating systems researcher, programmer, and author. He manages the Macintosh engineering team at Google. Previously, Amit has worked on operating systems at IBM Research and Bell Laboratories. He is the author of the book "Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach". Amit also created and maintains and Amongst his recent open source contributions is MacFUSE, a Mac OS X implementation of the FUSE (File System in USEr Space) mechanism.


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