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So you want to own a Parrot?

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Before you go Parrot hunting there are some things you MUST know. Noise is a main concern for people as it can get VERY annoying, A smaller bird doesn't always mean less sound. I own a medium sized parrot and I can hear him call for me from a block away, is your neighbors okay with that? Can you provide the toys and food every day, a strict seed diet is NOT healthy. They need nuts fruits Veggies DAILY as treats and you have to be careful what diet the bird is on. A trail mix diet is good, if the bird doesn't just pick out his favorite and leaves the rest to the floor. A pellet diet isnt the best either, alot of pellet diets have made some birds sick and well, lets face it ITS BORING! I personally like to make my parrot his own food atleast once a week using oatmeal corn, corn, peas, green beans, beans, grains, nuts dried fruits all cooked and warm meals they LOVE remember to take the temperature before feeding as crop burn CAN be fetal. I also bake for Monty he likes muffins and pizza but not too much :P

Parrots make A lot of mess so if your thinking less mess less noise less neediness than a Cockatiel, Budgie or Green Cheek Conure is the way to go. All birds can be loud Cockatiels are very friendly and great with beginners Budgies are the ultimate beginner bird and Conures are the higher class but louder but they are ALOT of fun and Conures are what I would tell you to get.

If your looking for a larger bird, perhaps a Indian Ringneck they are larger than conures and budgies very pretty and relatively quiet.

A medium sized parrot could be Pionus or a Eclectus, both are great birds and are also very lovable.

Once you get into the Alexandrines, African greys and the Amazons it gets more difficult. Medium birds like these need very special and specific diets and often calls for specially made organic food. You cant just put a bowl of seed food there, that will make them sick.

Reaching the Macaws and Cockatoo's these should never be your first bird, these birds along with the medium parrots can do extreme damage to you, or your house. Larger parrots can not only crush bone, damage nerves, create HUGE flesh wounds they can tear through fingers ripping them off, yes its rare they would ever apply such force but it is plausible. Macaws and Cockatoo's have VERY loud screams and in this video they arnt even topping to the loudest. No bird is a apartment bird so make sure everyone knows you will be getting a parrot. Injoy and please Comment.

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