The Getaway Black Monday - PATH D - FINAL Chapter - Chapter 22 - The Fall of an Icon





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Uploaded on Aug 13, 2010

The twenty-second and final mission/chapter in the game The Getaway Black Monday.

This covers the "BAD" playthrough of the storyline (Path D)

Eddie punches Alexei in the face and knocks him off the boat letting him drown to his death in the River Thames. Eddie then hears Viktor and turns around to see Viktor holding a Harpoon gun pointed directly at Sam who he has held hostage. Viktor will not shoot Eddie or Sam just yet because the police are chasing him and he wants Eddie to be a scapegoat. SGT Ben Mitchell is chasing Viktor's boat in a small motor boat behind them and orders Viktor to stop the boat. Eddie then attacks Viktor. Viktor fires the Harpoon gun accidently and it kills the boat driver. They then have a fist fight and roll over onto the top of the boat. The boat now has no turning ability so it crashes straight into the side of another cargo boat. Eddie blacks out for a few minutes and then wakes up. He runs off the boat and tries to catch up with Viktor. Suddenly Mitch appears from behind Eddie and orders him to stop. Mitch goes to arrest Eddie but as he does Eddie looks towards the boat causing Mitch to turn to the right slightly. Eddie then punches Mitch in the face knocking Mitch to the floor and then he runs off after Viktor. Sam is taken into the nearby building by Viktor and his men. Mitch then gets up to try and stop Eddie. Eddie takes down a few of Viktor's men outside the nearby building and then has a shootout with Mitch. Mitch tells Eddie that the reason he is doing this is because earlier Eddie let an innocent woman die. Eddie has no choice but to kill Mitch if he wants to stop Viktor. Eddie and Mitch battle it out but eventually Eddie defeats Mitch by shooting him in the head and killing him. Eddie leaves Mitch and chases after Viktor. A final showdown takes place inside the building where Eddie guns down all of Viktor's last surviving men. However Viktor still has Sam hostage and throws her off the top floor of the building, where she falls to the ground below to her death. Eddie has now lost everyone he ever cared about so is therefore furious. Eddie runs up the stairs to the top floor where he meets Viktor. Him and Viktor then shoot at each other in a final face off. Eventually Eddie defeats Viktor and Viktor falls back dead dropping his icon which smashes to pieces spilling the diamonds across the floor. Eddie then hears police officers outside reporting that Mitch is dead. Eddie looks down below to see Sam's dead body, he looks at her one last time and then escapes the building quickly. The rest of the police gather outside the front. The mission then ends with the Russian gang defeated. Sam has been killed by Viktor. SGT Ben Mitchell has been killed by Eddie.

Viktor is the fifth and final boss of the game. He is reasonably easy to kill. The best way to beat him is to take down all of his men first and then deal with him. When he runs up to the very top level take cover behind the metal walls so you can rest and then open fire on him. Eventually he will drop his guns and die after a couple of hits.

As well as killing Viktor you will also have to kill Mitch. Mitch is pretty easy to kill. Kill Viktor's men first and then take down Mitch. Take cover behind a wall and keep firing at Mitch until he falls back and dies. Once he is dead be sure to pick up his gun as it is very useful when entering the building.

"Man down! Man down!"
"It's Mitch! The fucker got Mitch!"
"Shots fired! The fuckers are up here! Move it!"


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