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Published on Jan 10, 2013

ATTENTION everyone that watches this video and engages in the discussion!
Just so everyone knows this channel does not give legal advice. This is a constitutional discusion, of which please note that the Constitution happens to be the HIGHEST LAW OF THE LAND. The founders wrote a simple yet concise document that needs no legal interpolation. So If your rights are being violated by a faciest tyranical government, please read and understand Thomas Jefferson, when he said that this does and will happen unless the Tree of Liberty is guarded vigalently by each and every generation.

People have an inherent nature to argue, and to believe in lies. There is a huge difference between knowlege and wisdom. To know something/anything doesn't make a person smart. In fact if that person then declairs their knowlege, then at that momemnt they show their pride. Pride goes before a fall, always. I desire not to be known, nor to exalt what I know. The truth does not need my endorcement in order for it to be true. The bible says that in the last days that people will be puffed up with knowlege, that there will be an abundance of knowlege, and that people will be blind to the truth. All because of pride; and so therefore pride murders wisdom.

To charge those that believe in freedom, namely from opression (the regulation of non violent so called offences and crimes apposes the Constitutional precept of Corpus Delicti) as being sociopathic just because you say so, citing modern beurcratic propganda, will only serve to show everyone here, your true socialist colors.

Maybe you like being a communist, maybe you don't want to be free, but want to be told what to do, what to say, and what to believe. Don't take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Dont read the Constitution to see for yourself the ideas that trandsend time and the paper it was written on. Accept at face value tha the government has your best interest in mind as it prepares itself against citizens.

Anyone can see the militarization of police; in open rebellion and total opposition to Posse Comitatus. They are hiring goons that have never read the constitution they swore to uphold. This is an act of treason against the People of the United States.

Treason is the removal by force of Liberty and Freedom from anyone without Due Process of Law. Any law in violation of the Constitution is null and void of law. Marbury vs. Madison and the Supimacy Clause of the United States Constitution. The lawmakers with their Patriot Acts are not the end all in this Representative Government, the CONSTITUTION is. Don't get me wrong, the Constitution doesn't grant you your freedoms, God does. It is just a reminder to you of what He gave you. Don't be an indian giver.

Carl defends himself against charge of driving without a license plate. No state may convert a constitutional liberty into a privilege. No law can take away your rights that were given to you by God.


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