Game Grumps VS - Smash Brothers Brawl Revenge - PART 2





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Published on Aug 30, 2012

Jon attempts to get his revenge on Egoraptor for humiliating him on frontpage of Youtube. DOES HE SUCCEED?!
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Comments • 3,754

when front page videos mattered lmao
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Whenever I log out on my personal computer, the frontpage (and the entire website actually) gets BOMBARDED with horrible ads.
Yeah, you have to actually log out in order to see it, and who wants to do that? 
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kentucky nightmare
the sweet sounds of gc controllers being put to good use
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Greg Allan
And the Wii U adapter for Gamecube controllers for the new Super Smash Bros game.
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The Rock Mushroom
Do you think that Jon would have stayed on grumps if Arin rolled?
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+Goldenrod City Broadcasting Haha that's funny.
their both very good in their roles
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Mega Man
they are just raping the controllers
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Mega Man
Kinda funny that your name is I have the downs.
Itchy Doggo
+TheCookieCrusader Rape is terrible. We can all agree. Rape JOKES, can be funny. You can't just create boundaries in comedy without actually listening to the joke. A great example of a rape joke that I found to be humorous as well as fun for all the ages would be "The Implication" on Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's basically what the name of the scene implies: it's the implication.
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Gamecube analog clicking intensifies 
Adolf Hitler
if only arin rolled...
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Kolton Shepherd
And Its getting commented on 5 months later again
Not Ansh
And it's getting commented on 5 months later. Jesus.
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Deus Ignis
For a video with people playing serious smash, this sure had a lot of jons
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+Daniel Kee ohhh
Daniel Kee
+Guy "Johns" is a term used by competitive smash players meaning "excuses" and is typically used in the phrase "no Johns" meaning "no excuses"
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Jark Wimbley
In this comment section: People pissing on each other for liking Danny or Jon. How about this: We just accept that Jon went on to do better things on his own channel and Danny is at least a comparable companion. I don't have a favorite, I agree with a lot of people; Danny can be funnier than Jon, but Jon and Arin had a better dynamic, and in my opinion they're about equal. So stop being assholes just because you like one person over another, you can say you like Jon or Danny without trying to insult the other.
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Cuntorious Maximus
+Jay Exactly, to each their own.
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Zantetsu 97
I just thought about this ..... but maybe Jon plays Falco because Falco is a bird and Jon loves birds
Jorge Zamudio
omg that may be tru
Last episode: Jon says, "I'd like to think we're pretty proficient Smash players." This episode: Jon says, "This is not something I want to become proficient in."
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Dan LaBrecque
BloodoftheLotus13 hypocrisy is a common theme on this show at least it was.....
Well you can be proficient in something without wanting to be. Those statements don't really counter each other.
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