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Published on Aug 21, 2006

The implosion of the old Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. 4-28-1998

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Allisima Productions
I bet the people who came out of that 7-11 wondered why a building was missing
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AD Machine
+Allisima Productions "Uh, there was a hotel here"
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will you guys shut up about 9/11? every video of a hotel implosion it's the same thing. controlled demolitions start at the bottom; the towers started to collapse at the points where the jets crashed.
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Harry Andruschak
The 9/11 twoofers are not interested in facts. Most do not believe their own BS. They are just trolls who enjoy spamming and harassing people, protected by You Tube anonymity
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ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions
Why do you people always have to bring up 9/11 on every damn building destruction video? I mean, come on, destroying buildings w/explosives has been around for nearly a CENTURY before 9/11, perhaps even longer!!!
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ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions
No shit Sherlock. I'm just saying too many people are flooding the comments with 9/11 jokes when we could be talking about a variety of things, such as the fond memories people had staying here
I know Im replying to a 2 year old comment. But to answer the question, the people you see commenting about 9/11 are most likely only watching this video because they watched a 9/11 video before it. Then they went up to the search bar and looked up implosions to see if the conspiracy theories from the last video they watched are correct. In other words, they aren't starting with this video and then thinking of 9/11 and comparing. They're starting with 9/11 videos, hence, reason they are watching this and reason they are commenting about it.
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I still haven't seen a building brought down as well as building 7. Those guys were good.
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+Harry Andruschak that does sound better in latin
Harry Andruschak
+wheelmanstan PODEC PERFECTUS ES
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7/11 was a part time job
+77x5ghost 7/11 was an inside job. Oh, wait...
Pis laru
This is like WTC in 9/11 :)
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Dio Brando
I was there at 7/11
Phani Krishna
Isn't it a pain to clean all that dust on cars, adjacent buildings etc?
Jet fuel, the missing ingredient to any knocking down reenforced steel structures would have been alot quicker and cheaper than dangerous, old fashioned explosives.
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Harry Andruschak
+CorporateRule Cannot you 9/11 conspiracy douche bags leave these implosion videos alone? Your vomit is not what we come to these vidioes for. Don't you already have thousands of other You Tube Channels specifically devoted to 9/11? Why contaminate others? As we say in Latin, FUTUE TE IPSUM ET CABALLUM TUUM
Arthur Cabral
+CorporateRule They were all "brought down", brew! To "pull" a building of even moderate dimensions takes weeks of planning, hard work, and expert placing of squibs and thermate charges to cut the beams. - Good luck running for governor of Mississippi there, genius!.
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This was caused by jet fuel.
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