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Uploaded on May 10, 2008

It all began with the movement "Lovers of Zion" created in the 1880s with the goal of creating a homeland in Palestine, the Jews believed that God had promised Abraham this land. The Torah states that all Jews were exiled from the holy land and were not to create a state of there own and must live among the people of the world in peace, they are only to return when lead by the next Messiah. Some so called Jews ( Zionists ) couldn't wait for that and created an organization that would take the land back by force, murder and propaganda. The first Zionist Congress was created in Switzerland in 1897, officially stated,"to create for the Jewish people a home in Palestine."

After WWI Britain controlled the Palestine area. Leading Zionist saw an opportunity to establish a homeland and pressed Britain for a commitment, in 1917 the Balfour Declaration and British Mandate was signed and made into law.

In 1922 Britain obtained mandates to administer Palestine and Transjordan ( Jordan ) from the League of Nations. Arabs populated 90% of the land at the time.

In the 1930s a tide of Jewish immigration pressed into Palestine. The British restricted their immigration several times but many Jews found clandestine routes to Palestine, especially by ship.

In 1936 to 1939 the Arabs revolted against the British rule and the Zionists' plan to steal the land from the Arabs. Britain responded with full military force, thousands of Arabs were killed and jailed.

By 1939 the Jews and the Arabs resented Britain for making perceived promises.

Britain devised several partition plans but Arabs opposed division, insisting Britain had no right to carve up land that had been 90% populated by the Arabs.

Security continued to deteriorate. The bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on August 1946 killed 91, an underground Jewish faction was responsible.

As the WWII atrocities of the Jews came to light, the world showed great sympathy. In 1947 the U.N. General Assembly adopted a plan to divide the land into Jewish and Palestinian states. Neither side would be allowed to occupied each others land if a war occurs.

In 1948 Britain gave up there mandate, Israel declared statehood. Arab armies immediately attacked. The war lasted till 1949, Israel gained control and occupied much of the Arab land which broke the U.N law of "no occupation" after war. The war resulted in more than 750, 000 refugees who were pushed out of their homes and sent to camps in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. To this day there are 3.6 million U.N. registered refugees living in those camps.

The new Israel took this opportunity to absorb a wave of Jewish immigrants to build a large population and a more powerful permanent state. Israel constructed many Jewish settlements on occupied Arab lands.

Palestinians lived in exile. In 1964 the Palestine Liberation Organization was founded, their sole purpose was to destroy the state of Israel. Many battles occurred between the Arabs and the Jews. Israel occupied more land and took control of the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

In 1967 the U.N. created resolution 242, ordering Israel to withdraw from the occupied Arab lands and fix the refugee problem. It's 2008 and Israel has not done this yet nor has the U.N. taken any action to enforce the resolution.

During the next decade Israel constructed more Jewish settlements on Arab land. As an Internationally recognized state, Israel was given tons of money by many nations, the most by the United States. Israel used the ability as a state to buy sophisticated weapons mostly from the United States which left the Arabs underarmed to fight with standard warfare. Out of desperation, a new battle ground was created as did a new kind of warfare which we refer to as, "terrorism." The Palestinians used this new strategy in forms of airliner hijackings and bombings around the world to gain international attention to their cause, to return the land that was stolen from them by the Zionists.

In 1972, only 1,500 Jews lived in settlements on illegally occupied Palestinian land, but there were almost 29,000 by 1983. In 1922 there were 590,000 Arabs in Palestine/Israel and 80,000 Jews. Now there are more than 5.25 million Jews in Palestine/Israel and 4.1 million Arabs, 3.1 million of those 4.1 million Arab Muslims are still living in the refugee camps in Gaza and West Bank. After 60 years the Palestinians' are still not recognized as a state by the international community, and are constantly terrorized by the Israeli Military. Children shot dead for throwing rocks, Thousands killed by Israeli Bombs, Food supply routes are blocked and American and British Peace protesters and Journalist like Rachel Corrie and James Miller killed by Zionists. Their stories silenced by Zionist controlled Media Giants. Zionist are not Jews! Being against Israel does not = anti-semite.

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