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Published on May 22, 2012

Download B. Martin's Freshman Mixtape: "Music, Love, Enemies" Here: http://www.datpiff.com/B-Martin-Music...

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Winner of Hot 97's "Who's Next" & Summer Jam 2012 Performer, B. Martin Presents His Brand New Single: "Swoosh"

**Check out the BATTLE @ SXSW in Austin 2 Weeks Later:

Directed by Michael Dispenza
Styling: Jessica Yuen
location: Pudding Factory
label: Phase One
Producer: Captain Hitz of Firehaus

'Fan Page'- www.Facebook.com/BMartinOfficial


Do it how I do it whenever i gotta do it the more that i gotta do it the better i give it to ya
Spit it how I live it whenever i write a lyric you better know that I meant it and never would lie to ya
Better than whoever on the mic right now
Everything i'm putting out hype right now
I cud give a fuck how ya might might sound
On the mic cuz im liven the life right now


Givin' it
Everything i got no settlin'
Never went
Harder in my life like a veteran
Better than
Every other rapper in my segment
Late nights in the studio no letterman

Whether the weather u better be ready for b mar(tin)
Already ahead of ya meddling mind we are
Got ya girl goin' up and down like a sea saw
B-Bou-Bou-Bounce that ass like a B-Ball



Thats the sound of the Kush
I'll find out if ya girl is a freak
Lick that bitch right down to the tush
Ya girl gotta friend with an ass and
She gotta friend and they all wanna smash
I'ma take 'em back to the crib do the math that's
Three bitches w my fitted on thats a hat trick


Magic right?
Ain't no johnson
On my johnson
I wear a condom
Damn this kids goin' ham please stop him
Couldn't do it with a bat man no Gotham
City ain't really fuckin w me i'm awesome
Fuck around and end up in a creek like Dawson's
See the blood drip from ya head to ya sox like Boston


I got bored
I brought the beat back
I got whores
I got my seat back
I goto war for anybody who need that
On my team
If u fuck w me then i mean that

See that pops?
Ya kid stay loyal
Yes i rule
The names O'doyle
Madison glad i went ham on this one

a yo billy whattup??

Get it how I get it whenever I gotta get it delivery better than whatever y'all b doin' uh
I don't give a fuck about anybody but anybody in my family so don't b fuckin w bro
Immediate shit
Always go hard no medium shit
If i wanna start i don't mediate shit
I'll beat ya till u fuckin ain't breathing and shit like

Who's this kid?
Where did he come from?
Why he talkin' so much shit?
What he done done?
Why he makin' everybody feel like his son son?
Maybe cuz u looking at a problem conundrum!

Once i start doin' it it can never be undone
Hottest mother fucker that's liven under the sun one
Day he might make it to the moon and become one
(A sun that is)

(Space Ship Sound)

Thats the sound of the spaceship


That's the sound of the dude who said I can't make it
I'll be working, while y'all hatin'
Y'all desertion while i'm caking
Ain't rich yet but already can taste it
Wanna fuck the world first she gotta get naked ahh

Basic huh?
Yea i would think so...
But a lotta people talk fast and they think slow
I jus wanna make it to my own paraiso
Where i gotta bitch up on the beach yo

Never would i ever let another man know
Suttin' that wasn't in front of his damn nose
Tryina paint a picture of shit but ya not listening
Van goghhhhh

Hey there I'm B martin
I'm the shit
I just farted
I don't give a fuck i'ma target
Finish w the shit i started
Haters trite bring me down
Good thing the way my dad brought me up
Telling me - everybody gonna b frownin' upon that i'm blowing up


ma fucka that's right
If u got a problem ma fucka that's war
Boyt no way i won't earn my stripes

This my life n gonna be the way i make it
Really ain't no way of telling where i'm gonna take it
I don't write records ma fucka i break em
Y'all jus watching the kid like Jacob
O by the way i'm-
Killin and fillin the beat
With a definitive flo
that'll enviably...BLOW

Seen a couple people are better than me
But i'm still new in the game
So i'm just taken this shit...SLOW

I ain't gonna quit until i'm in it and getting it by the minute and liven it up where ever we GO
If u gotta problem w b martin ma fucka step back, while i shoot a free throw like...

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