Scientology: Jeff Stone's Changing Story





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Published on Feb 27, 2009

PirateofAnonymous has put together this look at how Supervisor Jeff Stone has railroaded an ordinance into place in Riverside County, California to try to stop protests at Scientology's desert compound near Hemet.

Called "Gold," this sprawling compound is where Scientology leader David Miscavige lives and rules over the organization. The gates are constantly guarded, the iron fence covered with spikes and barbed wire to keep members of the Sea Org (Scientology's elite paramilitary unit) from leaving.

Sea Org members sign a billion-year service contract, pledging to return lifetime after lifetime to work for Scientology to help "clear the planet," which means to convert everyone to Scientology. Some 2% of the population Hubbard described as Suppressive Persons. SP's should be eliminated "quietly and without sorrow," he wrote.

Sea Org and staff members work about 90 hours a week and get about $50 a week in pay. They receive one day off every other week unless Scientology feels they are "downstat" (not producing as much as they did the week before) in which case they lose that privilege.

They are not allowed to come and go as they please, their mail is read and their phone calls are monitored. They are often cutoff from family members by Scientology's practice of Disconnection. If a friend or family raises doubts about Scientology, they are told to handle the "Potential Trouble Source." If the member can not shut-up the person complaining, they are forced to write a Disconnection letter, telling them they will never speak to that person again. This policy tears many families apart and has even done so to the Miscavige family.

At one point in the 90's, the care of babies was causing too many problems for management and slowing work down so a policy of forced abortions was instituted. If a Sea Org member got pregnant, they were forced to abort the child or get expelled from their post, thus potentially "losing their eternity."

If someone angers management for any reason, they can be put on the Rehabilitation Project Force. The RFP is a grueling regimen of hard labor, intensive studying of the tech to correct their thinking and isolation form the rest of the members. Those on the RPF are not permitted to speak to anyone unless spoken to. They are cut off from husbands or wives for months or even years at a time, until management feels they have groveled enough to return to the group. They have been forced to run around a pole for eight hours a day in the grueling heat as punishment for an offense, and are fed rice and beans.

It is not possible to just up and leave the Sea Org. You are expected to "route out" which can take up to six months or paperwork, confessions and auditing during which time they try to convince you to stay. Should you flee without permission, they have been known to track people down and drag them back.

Whether "blowing" (the process of fleeing) or routing out, a staff or Sea Org member will be hit with a "Freeloader Bill" in the tens of thousands of dollars for all the courses they received in exchange for the slave labor the member has performed. Usually frightened by the consequences, the ex-member will generally be unaware that this bill is unenforceable in court.

Members are trained never to go to outside authorities for help. Any grievance is to be taken to Scientology's internal justice system, so Scientologists are wary of contacting the authorities with their complaints. Even if they wanted to, they would not be able to make a complaint without Scientology hearing or reading about it as it happens.

These abuses and more are happening in Supervisor Jeff Stone's jurisdiction, under his watch. But Stone does nothing to stop them. Instead he accepts campaign contributions from Scientology's leader and jumps to propose a new law to stop the public from speaking out about these abuses.

For this reason, Stone is complicit in the abuse of Scientology's rank and file members. He should be ashamed of his actions.


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