[Doom] TORCHED.WAD - E1M5 UV Maxdemo & NM Speed





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Published on Jun 15, 2013

Pwad: Torched.wad
Author: Joe Lawrence
Date: 17th July 1994
Map: e1m5
Category: UV Maxdemo
Executable: Doom.exe
Time: 7:00 (UV), 3:10 (NM)

There seem to be no more easy levels left in this wad. Again we've got a layout which sprawls out in different directions, strews keys liberally so you have to run back and forth, and doesn't give you any obvious hints about which is the correct way to go. It's a difficult level to learn, and trickier than e1m4 in a number of ways. For one thing, while there is enough weaponry to deal with all the monsters, it's a little harder to get to, making the beginning of the level a bit tricky to figure out. And when you do find decent weapons you'll find the ammo is rationed more, so you don't have the freedom to be wasteful with your shots.

In effect you need to reconcile two routes - the one where you get all the keys in sequence, and the one where you get tooled up with weapons as soon as possible. In the final route chosen I had to retrace my steps a few times, and some aspects of the route are more about saving ammo than doing things quickly, like lining up all the monsters for a big BFG kill at 4:04. But I think this is the best way through.

And I've no idea if this is how Joe intended the level to be played. Throughout this episode I've been wondering if Joe ever considered that people wouldn't play through his levels one after the other, carrying over weapons and ammo. This level in particular inclines me to think he didn't, mainly because some of the traps you can blunder into at the start are just unfair to spring on a player who's only got the pistol. But once you learn it the level becomes possible, and even not too difficult, so maybe I'm wrong. What I am sure about is that Joe isn't worried about whether the player can get 100% kills. There's an outdoor lava pit that's got a couple dozen demons in it, and if you fall down amongst them you die. The only way to kill them off is to snipe with BFG and rocket from the ledges above. There's no need for me to do this - the demons aren't in my way, and were presumably just put there to kill of the player faster than the lava would. But it wouldn't be a maxdemo if I didn't, so I have to run back and forth a bit to get the demons in my line of fire. Rocket worked pretty well on em. BFG might be even better, but you need to save your cells for the monster pack at the end.

This was another challenging level to complete on NM. You can cut out a large stretch of the level, but not most of it. And the big problem is that open-air sequence around the red key. The switch that opens the doorway out is at one end of the ledge, the doorway at the other, and just running there will only give you barely enough time to make it. Now add a couple dozen monsters in between you and the exit, and even though I killed them off with the BFG as fast as possible some of them are certain to respawn. Collected a lot of failed runs at this point, until I finally got some luck and only had one respawning monster, which gave me this run.

Download the wad here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fuc...


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