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Published on Sep 19, 2011

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More quotes from Moon featuring Samantha!

HOW TO DOWNLOAD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ_P4L...


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Luis Corona
She sounds so different from orgins
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Jon Flint
Luis Corona cuz this is the original voice actor. And it's from BO1 and there's voice shop
The Poop Menance To have an accent you need to have spent several years being around people with that accent, you aren't born with one. Please tell me at which point she was in America.
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I personally like this Samantha better she's adorable <3 I hate the orgins Samantha her voice is annoying -.-
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Meme Central
jose plays 😂👌
jose plays
Meme Central i think i saw your comment somewhere Xd
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King Dicknose
"Something far more terrible than you lies here" THE SHADOWMAN #REVELATIONSHYPE
The One Dank Guy
Why do some of her quotes sound so damn sexual? Christ.
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Polla.W Nixon
The One Dank Guy If you heard how sexual Richtofen was, it makes sense she would become that sexual in Richtofens body
NoobKiller Roof
because this shit is made by jews
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9:21 Okay....
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Sonic The hedgehog
sonicmin a
Sentrome YT
sonicmin lol
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Edward and Sam sound so similar at most parts. I wonder why he hates her so much.
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An Meme
Richtofen 935 when TEddy touched the MPD, the voices changed him. When Sam entered the MPD, the same darkness changed her. That's basically it.
+Emre Dalgali He hates Samantha too, just not as much as Maxis. 
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Eli Goldstein
I personally think Samantha's voice is sexy
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Kirby Master
The Pie I know I'm a bad person, I'll stop now.
The Pie
Kirby Master FOR FUCK'S SAKE WHY?!?
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Rey Kenobi
Have anyone ever noticed she has very similar quotes to Richtofen? For example: "Oh! strawberries! and something a little like...spleens." "Mmm, I like root bear!" "Crawl to me, MINION!" Richtofen has said he likes spleens, double tap root beer, and he calls the zombies minions.
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Rey Kenobi
+the rockinredreaper Yeah, I would like to see that especially because it's true that Richtofen will probably fuck up a lot and I wouldn't expect him to be perfect because the storyline needs characters who are just like us. Flawed. I'm just really excited to see how everything turns out and if he still turns out to be a villain that'll still be interesting.
I honestly think he'll either be a sort of anti-hero, or otherwise try to do the right thing, but still manages to F everything up, and sort of become frusterated and eventually start a slow descent into madness, leaving the other three to pick up the pieces. He'll sort of try to do the right thing, but still become the villain. But perhaps he could be a hero. He does have an entirely different personality than the other Richtofen. I'm honestly interested to see how the original Nikolai will take "oh we gave to kill you to preserve your soul in this ball." I think he might just put up a fight.
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The Official Marathon_Games
Zafkiel 115
Samantha the last quote btw Samantha: "1, 2 gun is true, 3, 4 12 bore gore, 5, 6 Evil tricks, 7, 8, Set the fate 9, 10 KILL AGAIN" 
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