Aliens vs. Predator - Marine Campaign - 1 Colony Nightmare - Part 1





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Uploaded on Feb 20, 2010

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This game is pretty cool, although it has small issues, of all kinds. Hopefully it gets patched soon.

For once it crashes after the initial loading screen if fraps is active, why? no idea, must have to do with video memory or something like that. Also, the map files are huge and who knows what file structure they use, but loading takes several minutes if fraps is writing to disk at the same time. So one must turn off recording while loading maps, however after loading there aren't problems.

So I edited the "introduction" to the start of the level in, I didn't add the loading fade out for example.

Now as for the level itself, the campaign has few levels but they are long levels where you will be spending a lot of time if you play slowly. Here I try a speedrun on nightmare mode. On Nightmare mode you must start the level again if you get killed (no checkpoints) and it seemed to me the base brightness is lower than on easier modes.

About ways to cheat to make the speedrun faster, I read you can plug an xbox controller to the computer but play with keyboard and mouse, that gives you headshot autoaim, would greatly help. I dont have the controller nor desire to do that "trick". Also you could just up the brightness ingame, on your monitor, everywhere, so you can see the aliens at all times. My monitor is already at max brightness and I played with the recommended brightness settings, which are low (there's a menu to configure it). So up your brightness if you cant see a thing, you will see a bit more :P

More gripes, the game has an ingame timer, awesome, but I dont know how to force it to be displayed at all times or at least a button to make it show up for a few seconds (like pressing Reload to see your ammo and health). Whats worse, when you complete the last objective as you can see it didnt show up. Nor does it show up on the statistics or any menu after the level is done... So what's the point of it, no idea.

This level starts with the tutorial section, my best time is 59 seconds when the timer appears, here I was one second slower, I'll guess I didn't mash the stimpack fast enough.

Then I sprint like crazy (just hold the button), you may or may not be able to see what the hell I am doing but its a mix of being accustomed to the brightness and memorizing the route.

Now a glitch, I am sprinting, while holding the use key, cool, then I reach a usable object, the half-opened doors. I do this so that the "using" sequence is triggered earlier, it works for any usable item, basically you enter their trigger area with the key already held. So, so far so good, but when you stop sprinting a fov change is done so that you look like you are raising your head or something, by fov change means a zoom change (yes you dont have zoom, but its a visual effect). But since your head is on the opening animation now the zoom makes it go through the doors, and basically it looks stupid. If you dont dash into these doors directly you won't get the glitch.

Anyway fast forward to the first alien fight, I totally screwed up the battle. The idea is to get close and wait for the crawling out animation to finish, then unload two 3-round bursts ON THE HEAD, I missed, then back a couple steps and land the final three shots and watch the head explode. Here I needed a lot more hits. Way more.

For the second fight however, which usually takes the whole clip... it was done in the first burst... I was like wtf... whatever. So, both fights together time wasn't lost.



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