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    AboutFace: Learn about PTSD and how treatment can turn your life around

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    AboutFace: PTSD treatment can turn your life around

  3. 3

    About PTSD treatment: "I've been through it." Veteran Harold "Bud" Smith

  4. 4

    About PTSD symptoms: "I can't sleep without it [my gun]... " SPC Rob Tucker

  5. 5

    About PTSD Treatment: "Don't hesitate. Believe me." Veteran Richard Adams

  6. 6

    About PTSD and stigma: "We never talked about it." Veteran Richard Adams

  7. 7

    About PTSD Symptoms: "I felt like I was always under a sniper's scope." Veteran Ron Whitcomb

  8. 8

    About PTSD symptoms: "It sneaks up on you like a ghost in the night." Veteran Edward J. Fair

  9. 9

    PTSD treatment: "My sons tell me I'm a lot easier to live with now." Veteran Craig "Stu" Shipley

  10. 10

    About PTSD symptoms: "I pretty much alienated myself from everyone... " CPT Sarah C. Humphries

  11. 11

    About PTSD and families: "It's hard for them." CPT Sarah C. Humphries

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    "You can let the PTSD take over, or you can let you take over... " Veteran John Angell Jr.

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    About PTSD and Family: "I wasn't the girl that left." Veteran Tia Christopher

  14. 14

    About PTSD Treatment: "It's created a whole new world for me." Veteran Rick Collier

  15. 15

    About PTSD treatment: "My treatment has been a blessing." Veteran Brad Seitz

  16. 16

    About PTSD: "Don't beat yourself up. Give yourself grace." Veteran Tia Christopher

  17. 17

    About PTSD symptoms: "One of my big triggers is driving." Veteran Timm Lovitt

  18. 18

    About PTSD and Family: "She didn't think I'd ever get better." Veteran Christopher Goehner

  19. 19

    About PTSD and Family: "My anger started to increase... " CPT Joshua Brandon

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    "You surround yourself with all these safety measures so you can relax." Veteran Jeff McDowell

  21. 21

    About PTSD symptoms: "You hear a boom... and even now, I count." Veteran Jeff McDowell

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    About PTSD Advice: "Listen, you know who you are." Veteran Edward Rentas

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    About PTSD: "Suicide is not an option." Veteran Timm Lovitt

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    It Works If You Work It (AD)

  25. 25

    My Meditation (AD)

  26. 26

    Hit by Eight IEDs (AD)

  27. 27

    I Basically Froze (AD)

  28. 28

    I Cannot Be This Person

  29. 29

    I Cannot Be This Person (AD)

  30. 30

    The Bloodiest Battle

  31. 31

    The Bloodiest Battle (AD)

  32. 32

    I Meant to Protect Her (AD)

  33. 33

    My Shame Was Being Alive

  34. 34

    My Shame Was Being Alive (AD)

  35. 35

    My Meditation

  36. 36

    The Most Peaceful Place on Earth

  37. 37

    I Made It

  38. 38

    It Works If You Work It

  39. 39

    I Meant to Protect Her

  40. 40

    I Basically Froze

  41. 41

    The Most Peaceful Place on Earth (AD)

  42. 42

    I Made It (AD)

  43. 43

    Hit by Eight IEDs

  44. 44

    VA's women's health clinic is a one stop shop

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