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Published on Apr 25, 2012

One look at my opponent's lineup, and I knew Tyranitar would be up right from the start. Not only is it in the upper-left slot on the team (the first slot, in other words), but all of the other Pokémon can take a Sandstorm. Naturally, the thing to do here is to bring out Cherrim to mess up Tyranitar's Sand Stream. Sure enough, Tyranitar was there at the start. Tyranitar may be strong, but he is still just as vulnerable as any other Pokémon when the weather is not in his favor. Robert seemed to have caught on to this, switching Tyranitar out not long after Cherrim had set up Sunny Day.

You will notice, by the way, that I had a chance to defeat Skarmory with Floatzel but didn't take it. That's because I had clicked on the wrong Pokémon. It was my mistake.

Something leads me to believe that Robert's team is actually designed for single battles. Tyranitar's very presence suggests this, as having 6 weaknesses and in an environment where Sunny Day and Rain Dance are frequent, Tyranitar struggles to keep up with even the likes of Cherrim. Skarmory is also a liability in double battles, at least if my guess is correct and it's there to lay Spikes and Stealth Rock, as switching is a lot less common in double battles than single battles. Skarmory, interestingly, chose to use Swords Dance, generally a no-no unless you're very confident in what your opponent will do, as it asks for a clobbering, especially on a (relatively) slow Pokémon like Skarmory. There is also excessive use of Leftovers, which works in stalling-based singles competitive play, but the low HP gain rate can't keep up with double battling's more offensive play. Lastly, you can't rely on Metal Burst on Bastiodon in a double battle, because your opponent might not necessarily attack Bastiodon, especially when there's a higher-priority Pokémon to remove like Skarmory or Tyranitar. (Actually, near everything is a higher priority target than Bastiodon. It can largely be ignored until a Pokémon with a strong Ground move or a strong Fighting move appears.)

By the way, Sandstorm kind of annoys me nonetheless. I might make a 5th-generation team with an Unnerve Tyranitar.

I used Cherrim, Lickilicky, Floatzel, and Bronzong. My opponent used Tyranitar, Aerodactyl, Skarmory, and Bastiodon.

The Battle Video code is:


This is on the Battle Subway, so the choices of Pokémon are a little bizarre. Thunder Wave was highly unexpected. I didn't expect Porygon2 to pack it; it essentially made Shell Smash useless. Combined with the full paralysis. (This is the furthest I've ever gotten on the Super Single Line, by the way.)

I used Galvantula, Musharna, and Carracosta. Veteran Ponta used Ursaring, Flareon, and Porygon2.

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