Marc Lamont Hill vs. Laura Ingraham Part 1





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Published on Jul 31, 2010

Marc Lamont Hill and Laura Ingraham appear on Larry King Live to debate a range of hot button political issues, including immigration, corruption, unemployment, and racism.

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Marc Lamont goes on about telling people that the "Tea Party" has a vicious racist wing, but he's never seen it and neither has anyone else.  We have seen the racist wing of the progressive movement, and it's 80% of the progressive movement.
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+David Taylor No you can't.  
+David Taylor You can't show one single racist sign.  
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I would stuff her mouth very passionately. That's about all her hat rack is good for. Caucasians were once considered "aliens" to this country dumbass. Illegally? You mean they are here illegally just like euros once were? Hispanics and Natives were actually here first.
Norrin Radd
+museblock That was the best response ever, and way to finish it off haha. 
"Euros" never entered this land illegally... there were no laws concerning immigration. It wasn't even a country. The people groups living in North America didn't even consider "owning" land and in fact many of them migrated with the food supply. These people had no concept of borders. What the "Euros" did do was unethically deceive the native people by giving them "gifts" to promote good relations which they then manipulated to take what they wanted. Legality had nothing to do with it. It was a free, uncivilized (meaning with government) land ripe for the picking as far as the Europeans were concerned. But also consider the social pressures that drove them to take this new territory. It's the same old song, sung throughout history whether it be for conquest or alleviation. No excuses, just reasons. The difference is that now North America does have centralized government and we do have borders, something not exclusive to the US and Canada. Most if not all countries have a governing body and defined borders... and they all have laws concerning those borders. Allowing people to just walk in and set up shop is not a fair system, especially to those who worked so hard to become part of this country legally. But, neither is turning people in need away just because we don't want to inconvenience ourselves. The point she is making is if you don't like the laws, work to change them. Easier said than done, sure. But it's not impossible. Laws are challenged and changed all the time. Ignoring the laws in place simply because you don't agree with them is not an appropriate response. I for one would love to see a bipartisan effort to to be more open to immigration... more specifically, those in need. But I detest people who's response is to use some sort of hateful vulgarity or criticize the opposition rather than opening a dialogue so that both sides can get better perspective, i.e. you're a dick.
Solovino Juntoseva
I love the sea of white behind Laura. LOL
They should do what Obama does and go out of there way to stick a few black people in the background no matter what the demographic of the place they're at.  
YAH's chosen
She's here illegally as well. Her people weren't here first. She is a beneficiary of the deception of her ancestors on a peace treaty
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Lisa speaks truth
+butch davis That obviously IS the problem-THE GOVT NOT ENFORCING OUR LAWS. The problem is the government not enforcing the LAWS that WE THE PEOPLE care about. You are acting as if its ok for the govt to do as they please regardless of the will of the people. I would suggest you think back, or just wait, because it wasnt long ago the same govt WAS infringing on rights that matter to you, and you encouraging it now will ensure it happens again soon.
butch davis
God not another one. You should really listen to this video because Marc does an excellent job of explaining why federal law and state law are not congruent on the issue. Federal law allows for the undervaluing of Mexican native goods grown on their vast farmland making their produce and land labor (and ultimately their way to make a living) basically worthless. As a result, Mexican immigrants are ushered into this country (noticed I said ushered because if the fed really wanted to do something about it they would) to work for low wages which allows domestic companies to suppress wages of US workers for goods and services they would've paid a premium for had the same amount of work been done within our borders. ..in other words, the US government wants illegals here and they're doing a good job of making common folk citizens like yourself (and other degenerates) THINK that they give a fuck about stopping it.
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Bernard Thomas
Sounds like she had one to many that night. Stay off the wine Laura.
Charles Marshall
Stay off the King Cobras Ba-nard!
why does she have an audience agreeing with her? 
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SugarBearJohn Ware
+Paul Lomax She's A Privileged Peckerwood and A Bitch.
Paul Lomax
+Mamble It bolsters her ego. She's an asshole.
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Carl Withers
She's pretty stupid.. I mean when you're that intelligent and wastes your energy on  supporting and telling the kinds of lies that this woman tells about virtually everything, even if it's for a profit it's just stupid....
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Renato Vilca
+cglasslvr she is racist pig no doubt
Carl Withers
Obviously I don't have time to come here daily but I have a group on Facebook called Sharing Strong Opinions. So if any of you think you'd like to get your clocks cleaned in a debate about anything. Come on by. 
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Chiefly Chieftain
Laura Ingraham has more intelligence in her left pinky finger than the stuttering idiot Marc Lamont-Hill.
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Chiefly Chieftain
+Mark schellins I don't know who you directed that at, but you sound childish and immature.
Mark schellins
suck a dick
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Tired of out of touch closet bigots like Laura. Just be a woman and say you don't want the poor and minorities to have access to fresh healthy food because they don't vote for your political affiliation, I'd have more respect for that then getting on Michelle Obama for pushing a nutrition and exercise campaign....Jesus Christ
Go Marc Lamont Hill!!!
J Morales
+cglasslvr wow, i just chuckled at your response. i hope you were joking, if you weren't that's some real little dick shit
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