1. Jeannie Interviews 'The Wanted'

  2. Jeannie Interviews 'Big Time Rush'

  3. Greyson Writes a Song about 'Me!'

  4. Greyson Writes a Song about 'Love'

  5. Play a Game with Maya Rudolph and Christina Applegate

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  14. They're Going to Disneyland!

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  16. Beau or Go

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  18. Glamour Galore

  19. It's Cut the Record!

  20. Who Will Win Tickets to the Grammys?

  21. Sophia Grace and Rosie See Fairies

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  23. Sophia Grace and Rosie Rap!

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  26. Julie Bowen on Running Around with Her Kids

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  85. Behind the Scenes with 'Big Time Rush' and 'The Wanted!'

  86. Did I Type That?

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