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Uploaded on Jun 13, 2011

A tribute to the writers and cast of Lost Girl, especially the amazing Ms. Solo.
Season 2 highlights here: http://youtu.be/um4FZxAvdmI

01. I'm a collector of rare wallets.
02. You can control people by touch, and not in a creepy 'hand-job' way.

03. Bo: Kinda tough, growing up thinking you might have a shot at being prom queen and find out that your part of some ageless, secret race that feeds on humans.
Kenzi: I hate when that happens.
04. Bow chica bow wow!

05. (Gun in mouth, pulls trigger)
06. Good news is, I'm still alive. Bad news is, bitches be crazy.
07. Holy shitballs! That was awesome!
08. Oh, by the way, I totally saw his wolf junk! High five!

09. Bo: You are the Kenziest Kenzi ever!
10.(mocks crying)

11. And she wets herself over your geek skills!
12. (dances) Oooooh! Whiskey!
13. Oh, it's on... bitch.
14. Trick: Did my troll get out???
15. Kenzi: Dude, you're junk could cure cancer, but you look kinda green. Dyson: I'm a quarter leprechaun.

16. Lauren: You could tag along. Kenzi: What is it, "Take a Fae to Work" day?
17. Everybody just calm down, okay? It's just a little eye blood. Who hasn't had a little eye blood before? I think I just sneezed too hard.
18. Did I just wake up in Narnia?
19. I'm freaking freezing, dude, can you like 'wolf out' and lie on my feet?
20. Bo: I just love a man in uniform. Guard: Honey, that makes two if us. Bo: Oh, shit.
21. I'm feeling better already. I think this is just one of those 24 hour plagues, you know?
22. Mmmm, meaty goodness. Come to mama!

23. For walking viagra, you're such a nerd.
24. Poor, Bo, so many choices, just one vag.
25. (***my absolute fav***) Did you hear that? Sounds like whispering kids or giggling elves. Did you bring home elves last night? I'm not judging, I just want to know...
26. My head is pounding harder than a sailor on shore leave.
27. Are we pissed at Dyson again? Is he trying to buy us off with pizza?

28. Smells like fried bitch!
29. And I will be saving the world from robot hookers. You're welcome.

30. Kenzi: Hit me with some hooch, T-Bag! ...You know... Please sir, may I have some beverage? Trick: (rolls eyes) Here. Help yourself. I'm busy. Kenzi: Ohmygod! It's like Christmas!
31. Bo: Looking for love in all the wrong places. Kenzi: Is that your way of saying 'anal'?
32. My favourite literary quote about regret? Wow, fun. I think it was the great poet Ludacris, who said, "Regret is fo' suckas, fo' suckas, fo' suckas. Regret is fo' suckas, bitch."
33. Is this some kinda sex thing? If you're looking for a virgin sacrifice, I don't think I can help you with that.

34. What makes me think your "inner sanctum' is your Mom's basement?

35. I can't believe Dyson played us. God, my bullshit detector totally failed!
36. Bo: How do succubi fight one another? Kenzi: Slow motion pillow fights? Crotch lasers?
37. So, what are we gonna do when we face Mommy-Dearest, huh? Other than pee our pants a lot, also I think I might cry.
38. Kenzi: Oohh, shiny! If she scares Trick and got the jump on Dyson, I'm thinking she's like a grade 10 succubus. Bo: What grade am I. Kenzi: Um, you know, kindy-garten with pig tails and a muppet lunch box.
39. You just got succu-busted!
40. What the Houdini! No body, no blood trail. What the hell did she do, fly off on her broom?

I have no copyright on any of this material. No infringement was intended. I'm just a fan of the show.


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