Assault Breacher Vehicle sees first combat in Operation Cobra's Anger





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Published on Feb 11, 2010

The Joker, the nickname given by the crew to one of the 72 ton, 40 foot long Assault Breacher Vehicles. "The Joker" is seeing its first combat duty in Operation Cobra's Anger in Afghanistan. ABV's are fitted with a plow and nearly 7,000 pounds of explosives. The Breachers are the Marines Corps' answer to the deadliest threat facing United States and NATO troops in Afghanistan, thousands of land mines and roadside bombs aka improvised explosive devices, that litter the Afghan Taliban region.

The Breachers are metal monsters that look like a tank with a cannon, carry a 15-foot wide plow supported by metal skis that glide on the dirt, digging a safety lane through the numerous minefields laid by the Taliban.

If there are too many mines, the Breachers can fire rockets carrying high grade C-4 explosive up to 150 yards forward, detonating the hidden bombs at a safe distance so that troops and vehicles can pass through safely.

The detonations, over 1,700 pounds of Mine Clearing Line Charge, send a sheet fire into the air and shock waves rippling through the desert in all directions.

Reporters watched the "Breacher" in action today as Marines edged closer to Marjah, a southern Taliban stronghold that NATO commanders plan to attack in the next days, in the largest joint NATO-Afghan operation of the Afghan war. Troops are expected to face a massive threat from mines and roadside bombs as they push into Marjah, 380 miles southwest of Kabul.

"This may be the largest IED threat and largest minefield that NATO has ever faced," says Brig Gen. Larry Nicholson, Marines commander in southern Afghanistan.

Several Breachers, including "The Joker" and its twin "Iceman", are being used in the Marjah assault. Military commanders hope they will make a huge difference as troops pierce through layer after layer of minefields circling the town.

ABV's are a cross between a bulldozer and Abrams tank with a 1,500 horsepower turbine engine. Breachers are so valuable that they only travel along with a tank retrieval vehicle to drag them to safety if they are damaged.

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Dear Santa...
Itdev Yt
😂 Santa explosive gift
So it is basically a M1A2 Abrams outfitted with a plow and a modern day bangalore.
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We call em M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge or MICLIC for short stateside, Different names for the same thing. There is actually one for sale by an armament collector in TN currently.
Charles Damery
The Bangalore Torpedo is a metal tube explosive used to take out barbed wire obstacles. The Mine clearing Line Charge is called The Giant Viper by the Royal Engineers who developed it back in the 60s. I've used both in the Canadian Combat Engineers back in the 1970s.
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2:33 WTF is that? cyborg pods?
LOL at Cyborg Pods It sounds wicked.
I think those are the C4 launchers
"The Breachers are metal monsters that look like a tank"... It looks like a tank, because it is a tank.... -______-
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You can call table a chair becuse it have four legs too, but it didn't make it right. It's not a tank. Period.
Light tanks, medium and heavy is a vehicle group, not a vehicle...
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so, this is how they kill civilians?
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riskinhos perhaps if allah doesn't like it he can come on down and get his ass kicked too.
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Devin Hurst
May God hold Our American, Canadian, British, Auzzie and Kiwi forces in uniform.  May He also bless the mechanics and logistics personell and our ABV's. May we carry this blessing and spread the GOOD NEWS!  The C-4 seems to speak loud and clear enough!  We are only here to protect the peace. If not? We are very happy to introduce you to GOD!
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Reynan Gani
riskinhos difintly not pervery fucking mohamed isis allah terrorist
Darth vader
the only one....and it ain"t camel butt allah
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Mick Sydney
Good stuff mate ,, any think to keep our men and women safe ,, is great by me ,,, from micheal australia 
William B
I have to say that the proclivity of America and its military machine they certainly know to fuck the ground and everything around them don't they, also this is before any enemy has even fired a shot in anger.. Then in come the Division of APC's with their bellies full of newly trained soldiers, belting along the now broken up ground with Apache Gun-ships a'hovering' and Aardvark's (A-10 shoot 'em up and bang 'em up the arse with rockets) Jet-planes, flying just above then begin their overkill, keen hell bent on saving democracy or some such utter bullshit. Well done the saviours of our World. At least this ain't quite the same as napalming all them civilian villagers in the days of Viet-nam On the other hand the US of A government could maybe spend all that money that they usually expend on Tera-Giga-Mega expensive killing interventions in someone else's Country, and spend it on their own citizenry, NOPE, or even maybe pay a few Trillion off the US of A giant unlimited credit facility, NOPE.. Now let me guess what they gonna choose to do, I know the big-boys wont want to pay a bit off the National Credit Card, as they much prefer to go and spike up another war somewhere? Another war in someone else's Country, and then roll out this same old shit again. All the time Mr Obama telling the World's media how good is their American economy and that if it wasn't for America there would not be any chance of peace anywhere in the entire World. LOUD applause from all the fat-cat Senators and Congressmen. Sorry, just an observation.
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matthew pahl
William B jealous much?
Bryon Scheer
Damn your not dead yet i'm still waiting.....
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dus toin
What were those things at 2:32 that it ejected sideways?
Jar Head
Semper Fi! 
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