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Published on Jun 2, 2009

The opening cinematics to all Warhammer: 40,000 Dawn of War games.

1. Dawn of War (also used in Dawn of War: Winter Assault)
2. Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
3. Dawn of War: Soulstorm
4. Dawn of War II

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Phuoc Vu
The First Intro Ending always give me goosepumbs, because to me it's the greatest moment of a Warrior, Sacrifice himself 'til the end of his life for the Imperium
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Damn the Blood Ravens sure die a lot.
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Chilly Rama
I take it these cinematic's are just hightening the tension, correct me if im wrong (i don't know much about 40k) but aren't there only a few thousand space marines in each chapter, and each one has seen countless battles, is hundreds of years old, has very tough armour and is obviously very formidable in battle. Yet in these cinematic's they drop like flies, swords and bullets seem to go straight through the armour and generally no matter who they are fighting they seem evenly matched per enemy soldier with races that are far more numerous than them (orks), if that were true then Space Marines wouldn't last very long at all let alone hundreds of years.
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William Henry
Why do we always see space marines getting messed up in these videos! They are supposed to be the most elite troops in the imperium but they drop like flies.  The worst instance is the original dawn of war video: a whole squad, a dreadnought, an a predator all lost just to kill couple of ork squads and put a flag on top of a hill :(
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Of all the intros probably the weakest one was Soulstorm... but then again, that game was also one of the weakest of them all. The first Dawn of War one probably still my favourite.
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Aison Angelos
C-Section by chainsword. 5:40
I'm really not sure what he was expecting, charging towards a monolith and all that.
richard gieser
Hollywood needs to tap this treasure trove that is Warhammer.
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booda sias
I feel so bad for the space marines. Sure, they are pretty strong in the actual game, but they always get a smack down in all the cinematic's...
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