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Published on Dec 12, 2013

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barriers to sexual endurance

Recent research in neuropsychology gives us clues for Cure to premature ejaculation (PE). Dr. Nora Volkow, Dr. Roy

Baumeister and Dr. Russell Poldrack have conducted research on breaking bad habits that has some amazing applications for

men who suffer from premature ejaculation! You may wonder, "What have my personal habits got to do with being cursed with

premature ejaculation?" Well, frankly, premature ejaculation isn't an illness. While you may feel your sexual apparatus

is malfunctioning and ruining your love-life, for most men, the cause isn't easily pinpointed to something physical.

"So?" you ask. "What's that got to do with premature ejaculation? What kind of habits could I possibly have that are

sabotaging my love-life? Don't you think if I knew I had a habit that was causing this problem, I'd quit doing it?"

Perhaps. But, think about it for a minute. How many people overeat? Isn't that a bad habit? How many people smoke

cigarettes? Many who smoke admit, "Yeah, it's a nasty habit; I wish I'd never started, but I can't seem to quit." And so

the list goes on: procrastination, tardiness, cursing, losing your temper, etc. - all are bad habits that people struggle

with, and find it difficult to change. Let's talk first, about the principles of habit creation: If you do something over and over, you'll create a habit. Everybody does that. We all have certain routines and

things we do during the day where our brain sort of goes into auto-pilot mode, and we don't even have to think about

them. My wife is fond of saying that she could get lost in her own closet at night. That was her justification for

getting a navigation system in our car. But once she has been to a place several times, the car practically drives itself

there. We all have habits like that, and it's kind of cool to be able to do some things without concentrating on each and

every aspect of performing a task, regardless of whether it is finding your way to your favorite store, or running a

certain play when you're playing football. But that's also what makes it so difficult to change - because once you have a

bad habit, it's imprinted, almost hard-wired, into your brain. And, without even thinking about it, your mind races on

that same old track and you can be stuck with the same old undesirable result(s). We'll talk about some of the possible

habits that may be worsening your premature ejaculation a little later on.

"Egad!" you may be thinking, "I'm doomed! I'm going to be stuck with this rotten affliction forever!" Not unless you want

to. You can commit yourself to quit using porn and/or masturbation as a coping mechanism for dealing with life's

unpleasant occurrences. Don't think for a minute it will be easy. It will be tough. You may even have withdrawal

symptoms. But think of the alternative. If every time that craving becomes almost overwhelming, remind yourself of your

determination to have a mutually-fulfilling sex life with the one you love and let that goal fuel your determination to

do everything it takes to gain control and mastery over your body's rapid-fire programmed responses. "How," you ask?

Devise a new response and program yourself to use it until it becomes automatic. You may want to run or work out - that's

a really great activity for dealing with frustration, anger and disappointment. Just don't over-do it and hurt yourself.

Steady, regular exercise will help you to develop the muscle tone sufficient to handle those bursts of anger/frustration

that may occasionally arise in your life.

You don't have to be doomed - stuck with this rotten affliction forever. You don't have to worry about being compared to

other lovers and always coming out at the short end of the comparison. You don't have to worry about losing your best

girl to someone else with more long-lasting prowess. You can actually cure to premature ejaculation naturally!

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Cure to premature ejaculation

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