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Uploaded on Aug 9, 2011

Lots of good info in many different areas. This is a good presentation containing quite a few current events and lots of data.

Continued: Now let's look at an entireley different subject. Current events and current times. Isn't it funny how all the governments of the world have been running resources and economies into the ground?? Isn't it strange that FEMA has recently purchased something like 3 billion, yes billion in MRE's?? (Military dehydrated food stuffs). What about all the millions of "disposable caskets" that FEMA has so many of that they are renting out private land and leasing land everywhere to store?? What about Gates retiring and building a 60k sq foot underground bunker? What about Oprah retiring? What about all the richest and elite in the world retiring or stepping off their prospective stages and then dissappearing and getting out of public eye? What about the numerous DUMBS- Deep Underground Military Bases that have recently has so much money lost and spent on. There has been a sprint by many, many governments to finish DUMBS and other cities and underground settings. What about the "ghost cities" China is preparing? What about the largest underground installation ever built that we know of being finished recently in USSR? There must be a connection between all these frivilous expenditures; unless they are not so frivilous at all. The sad thing is that we, the taxpayers, have been lied to and ripped off so that the elite all have their golden bunker tickets. Look at Norway and the information they are sharing with their populace. They have DUMBS ready to store 45% of their populace and the other 55% they said is stuck to do what they can on the surface. What about the Georgia Guidstones and their very strange statements? After a while, it doesn't take an intelligent brain to add all the 1 + 1 + 1 + 1's and see they all add up to something. That something very well could be a binary system with a cyclic close pass of destruction? I have taken the some of the worst uniformitarians and skeptics and convinced them just through ancient accounts and texts alone that it is not a question of If, but only when. When we shall see the return of probably the most recorded event ever in all history and before history - pre history. At least I can say for sure it is the most common theme of the most coincidental message that so many of our distant forefathers strived to immoralize for us in our time. Just the Sumerian scholars alone realize all to well that our current scientific record well, needs quite a bit of fixing. Especially in the area of distant history and what we think is our creation story.

Now a scary fact. All this information is culminating to the late part of 2012 they all say, which may be our failure and destruction. At this point I think the elites wanted us to think late 2012, because it looks like it might be ELEnin's ephemeris. With much reseach I have done recently I have found decent data to support the fact that ELEnin indeed may be the large, comet like outside sattelite named Nibiru which orbits around the brown dwarf and our binary twin, Tyche or Nemesis.
ELEnin is a comet that recent data and ephemerides of have been given to us by JPL NASA. The recent ephemerides say that it will be closest to Earth on September 27th, 2011 at about .232 au which is about 240,000 miles right about. Some say much closer like .0004 au. What better way to make sure that everyone is NOT prepared by letting them think it was Dec. 2012!!. I pray that that comet is still pre shrapnel from our binary system punching through the Oort cloud, but there is way too much mystery around it to be. The Russian scientists say it is under intelligent control. The Chinese scientists say ufos are following it and it is not following any known natural trajectories. All this crazy jazz. It makes more sense if you think that this comet is not a comet, but a gas giant with a prograde orbit around its failed brown dwarf star (8 JM's?? Jupiter Masses). We may consider ourselves lucky to possibly see the big finale'. And then restart.

Enjoy and wait for the big tamale'
courtesy of www.prophecyfilm.com


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