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Published on Apr 12, 2013

This is the Starbucks employee who has been following from place to place trying to end my life because she found out at the age of 12 or something I did a prank in a resturant and unscrewed a salt cap, and that's grounds to rile up millions over 30 years and murder someone with mental illness tactics

This is a gas station in canoga park which has been part of a mass 30 year campaign to end my existance with mental illness tactics. Yesterday, the owner said I was not allowed on his property. He could not say anything if I did not do anything wrong. So they had 100's of people come in every day to provoke me every single time I was there. Then, when he realized I was not going to leave as every single location has done to me for 30 years, he finally broke from restraint, had a cop pose as his friend while trying to get me social security number. At this point when told to leave for doing nothing but minding my own business while being terrorized, I am not working a time lapse piece called "Stalker Station" his argument was that I had a camera, which was his argument, before it came out of the box, because they are tracking my purchases.

This is me screwing around with a 4000mm zoom. Which since I've been JUDGED before ever doing anything for 30 years, now he gets what he didn't want.

Me taking pictures of his property, while not being on it.

As one of his elaborate setups was telling everyone I am a paparazzi, without doing anything to anyone, but being attacked over and over all day and night.

He will realize that if I really wanted the pictures he claims I wanted, I can get them with no problem at all, and not be anywhere near them, And since he would not leave me alone, and his goal is to make me mentally ill for no reason at all, I have no tolarancce for 30 year KKK type crimes against me as he should be shut down, the gas station and Starbucks, for attempted murder, and needs to be held accountable for such HATE crimes.

Details of their 30 year CRIME is at

TIme lapse still in progress
Do not give these people your business, they are low life murdering trash

5960 N. Canoga Ave
Woodland Hills, CA 913675076
United States
(818) 887-6451


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