Forlorn Legacy Presents...Sindragosa (25 Normal)





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Uploaded on Feb 11, 2010

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With the unlocking of the final Icecrown Citadel gate, the Frostwing Halls has become available! This wing contains two boss encounters - Valithria Dreamwalker and Sindragosa.

Sindragosa was an encounter we got to spend a lot of time testing on the PTR, so we knew the fight mechanics fairly well. Like any dragon fight, Sindragosa has a flight phase and a ground phase. When she is on the ground there are a few abilities to watch out for. Unchained Magic will be periodically cast on 5 random mana users, for the 30 second duration, any spell you cast will cause a stack of Instability, which will deal 2000 arcane damage after 8 seconds, this ability does stack so be careful not to cast too many spells. Every minute or so, Sindragosa will cast Icy Grip, which pulls everyone in the raid to her, immediately after casting Icy Grip she will begin casting Blistering Cold, this will hit everyone in a 25 yard radius for 35,000 frost damage, so be sure to run out!

When Sindragosa flies up in the air she will cast Frost Beacon on 5 random players, after 7 seconds they will become Frost Tombs. These tombs must be dps'ed down to a low percent but not destroyed, they must be used as line of sight barriers to prevent taking damage from the Frost Bombs that Sindragosa will be dropping during the phase. The air and ground phases will repeat until Sindragosa reaches 35%, at this point she will begin casting Mystic Buffet on the raid every 5 seconds. She will also resume casting Frost Beacons on random players, once again Frost Tombs will play a vital role for avoiding damage. The only way to clear your stacks of Mystic Buffet is to get behind one a Frost Tomb (similar to Forgemaster Garfrost in the Pit of Saron).

We defeated Sindragosa with 19 of our attempts remaining, which means The Lich King is officially on notice.


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