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Published on May 21, 2010

06.03.14: *update*
Not enough bass? Check my new high quality neurofunk edit of this remix http://youtu.be/QDUvYH4NqLI

18.03.12: *update*
Check my new album for free with many pkmn-remixes:

Epic Remixes:
And another Pokémonremix i made.
I know it sounds very similar to my other remix. But I love the combination of classical Strings and modern breakbeat. This one is pretty epic. Especially the pianobreakdown at 3:00.
Hope you enjoy this mix and comment, rate, subscribe, whatever... :D
Have Fun!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?e345m5tgkkl

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Comments • 20,246

Ludovic Ovsepian
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I made my puppy listen to this, and it evolved into Entei.
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Dinaser m8888888
Nah it just exploded
lightning dragon647
its wrong to stare at a female zekrom....now i cant de evolve because the music is so epic
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William B
a lot of the newer players probably do not realize JUST how much of an impact this was, how utterly AMAZED and to some extent, scared, we were when we saw "Pokemon Trainer Red would like to battle". Think of it this way, in the 1st gen games, the elite four was the ultimate trainer challenge, after that, all that was left was mewtwo. that was it. so, when we hear about this cave, most of us did not think much of it, if anything we were wondering what cool legendary we would find at the end. NONE OF US, NO ONE realized we would find a single trainer in that god forsaken mountain, at the top of it, waiting. we saw him and were confused, wondering what he would say......then we saw one thing from him "..." and that battle started, the battle to end all battles. by that point, most of us had MAYBE pokemon in the 60s if that. to face against a team of high 70's and low 80's was terrifying and amazing. Not only that it was not jut ANY team, not just ANY trainer, it was US, the person WE WERE in the previous games and the three original starters plus pokemon most of us obtained in that game. heck, if it the game you palyed was yellow, that could very well be your team. there was NO HINTS, NO GUESSING, NOTHING That prepared us to fight our past selves, to fight against the ultimate trainer. When we heard this music for the first time, we knew....we knew we were facing a losing battle.
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Nicolas Coates
If only more battles happened like this in the more recent pokemon games, once again instilling that fear and nostalgia into our brains, making us question, "What have I done"?
kaine deahwalker
you think it was scary for us? imagine how scary it was for gold
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Smor Brother
I can't wait for pokémon Sun/Moon now that I now red's there.
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Rohan The Black Dragon Emperor
Calibre Lupe Hope Ultra S/M he is OP AS F*ck!!!
Calibre Lupe
Smor Brother I know this is old but too bad they weakened the hell out of him
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Red : ..... Gold : So your name is "Red"? Let's battle! Red : ..... Gold : If ya don't respond, then I'm gonna have to give you a good whooping. Red : Fine, I'll accept your challenge on one condition.. Gold : And that is? Red : No using items. Gold : I WASN'T RED-Y FOR THIS!!
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Jesse P
:D Just do enough damage. If that Feralgator knows earthquake, it's a matter of seconds.
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Someone play this song at my funeral and I swear by the Pokemon God Arceus I will awake from my coffin.
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Nicecilla Woodayo
Arceus fainted for our sins
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my pikach evolved into a giratina
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Olimar Putin
O my god. A Jimmy Neutron fan... That was my jam in elementary school.
Bepis_ Max
boy ecolved nice one m8
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"I used to smell Red later, but I'll smell you. RIGHT NOW."Z -Blue
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Russell Westbrook
I really wish that the anime would replace Ash with Red and make a show more pg-13 rated.
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Russell Westbrook the show was... 4kids fucked it. There was guns a few times, boobs super bloody violence... but it all got cut
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Ember 70
This dropped harder than declining usage of Pokemon Go.
Ember 70
BTW the starting of this song sounds good for a badass movie trailer...
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