Valueable Kopeck (Soviet Anti-Western Racist Propaganda cartoon 1949) TRANSLATED





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Uploaded on Nov 3, 2009

I have translated this so you can have more fun watching it.

I found this cartoon in public domain recently. Its clearly a propaganda cartoon against American financial system, but also shows racist animation.

The story is the little Kopeck (russian cent) gets lost. Goes to the money museum. At 12am money comes to life. All the money that looks like it comes from 3rd world countries is peaceful and they all dance together. Later the attention moves to the basement, where American and other "Western" money hang out with alcohol and cigars. The announcer says "here is western GDR western germany guests" and you see soldiers dance. All the soldiers clearly look like NAZI infantrymen.

Then they have a boxing contest the chamption is a brass colored ONE CENT, who is clearly made to look like an African American. He is rude and pompous and smokes cigars. Tiny kopeck cries. Then the soviet radio says "all citizens! bring your money for re-printing" the money goes in, and comes out heavier and more valuable.

The cartoon has been cut to be under 10minutes according to youtube rules. But you will see all the propaganda parts.


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