Milton Friedman on Donahue 1979 (5/5)





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Published on May 7, 2009

Friedman, shows why he is unsurpassed in modern times in defending liberty. He cheerfully decapitates the ideas of a government-controlled economy, over a wide range of examples. His layman's explanation as to how government intervention and the Federal Reserve control of the money supply helped cause the Great Depression is simply outstanding.

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I could watch Friedman deflating liberal conceits all day. But I give Donahue some credit for inviting him on in the first place. Many liberals wouldn't have had the courage to set themselves up to be demolished like that.
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The arrogance of the woman who asked, "And what are you doing with your money?" I can so tell she wants to be a little tyrant and tell Dr. Friedman how to spend HIS money according to how SHE thinks best.
TheLandOfTears s
Truly an intelligent man. I hate to be insulting, but most fools look at how things ought to be, and as pleasant as that may sound it's not realistic, this man over here looked at how things were and how solutions can be found for them.  
John Shaw
Notice that in 1979, they're still talking about compulsory bussing in the wake of the Civil rights Movement that started something like 11 years earlier. That's indicative of how Badly Race Relationships were attended to.
Robert Gorski
Mr Friedman would be appalled at today's USA.
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Danahue is a childish dolt the. " Donahue high" song and dance is telling of what he and liberals think of the people's intelligence and parental ability. He thinks business is all song and dance, the school he proposed would have to be successful at what he would have promised to provide or else he would FAIL. It shows again that liberals do NOT understand well anything, but especially business. Even after this whooping he got from the Professor, he still is a liberal loser today.
All liberals can do is attack and insults they offer NO alternative that has been proven to be as successful as free market capitalism, NONE! Funny as always liberal are hypocrisy incarnate in that, they are always crying freedom from government in moral matters but are entirely for big government in matters of freedom and success 
this is why conservatives are never on tv anymore. not republicans but actual conservatives. they completely dismantle the cosmetics of the liberal arguments and big government people.
Gordon 2000
Milton is your father
Actually I'd say that Supply is Supply and is altogether different than scarcity. Scarcity simply means that no resource exists in adequate supply to meet the desires of an entire population. It is because of this that the study of economics examines the methods and processes that society as a whole, as well as individuals, corporations, industries and entire economies allocates these 'scarce' resources. You're correct about work, i.e. effort, time, energy, work ethic, etc.., is a scarce re 

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