Catch Me A Nemi Story Episode 19 || Part 2





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Published on Dec 5, 2011

Part 2!!! Enjoy
Demi: Size 4 to 5 please
Nick: Size 11 please
Staff: Yeah, sure, I bring them to you, stay 'ere
Demi: *turns to Nick* I can't believe you brought me to a ice skating rink, you're so sweet, thanks
Staff: 'Ere's you're boots
Demi: Thanks *smiles*
Staff: * fat man* You wanna kiss? There's a perfect place to do YOU KNOW WHAT at the back!! *not joking*
Demi: Errr umm *shocked* I-I'm, er, gonna pass
Staff: No women like me
Nick: I can see why! *puts his hand over Demi's shoulder* *walks off*
Demi: *laughing into Nick's shoulder* Oh my god
Nick: So let's hit the ice rink
Demi: Cool, but watch out, I'm not that good
*walk into the ice rink*
*goes dark and heart lights, hot pink, start swarming the floor*
Demi: What?
THE VOICE: *low voice* Couple's Hour
Nick: Just in time *smirks and wraps his hands around Demi's body*
Demi: This is so romantic. Thanks Nick, sorry about me getting so angry . . . I shouldn't have - *interrupted*
Nick: No, seriously, you should have, it was so stupid of me to do that
Demi: Anyway, let's forget about it, there's no point to think about yesterday, because we have only one today
Nick: *smiles* *glide around*

Demi: *leaning against Nick, slowly skating* Hey *standing back properly up* I'm having day-ja-vu, I am sure I know that face
FAT MAN (staff): *ice skate past, wobbling* *tries to slow down an passes Nick and Demi, very slowly falling backwards* I am STILL FFFFRRREEEE !!!!! *falls backwards*
Nick: *joking* Don't ever leave me for him
Demi: *joking* You could be surprised, he's very sexily attracting, isn't he?
Nick: *laughs* you're not being serious, right?
Demi: I don't even need to answer that *looking back at the fat man lolling on the floor* *widening her eyes*

Demi: Thanks again Nick, this was so romantic
Nick: See you at school tomorrow

Jennette: I have found this PERFECT mask for you, it suits everything about you!!!
Demi: Really? Thanks Jennette, let me see!
Jennette: *takes out a mask from her bag http://shop.samanthapeach.co.uk/media... * here *hands it to Demi*
Demi: *smiles* Awh, thanks Jennette! *tries it on* It's perfect!
Jennette: You're welcome. I've found a perfect one for me too
Demi: Good, let me see

Demi: *sees Nick nearby* Nick! Hey, Nick!
Nick: *sees Demi* Hey, Demi
Demi: I'd really like to show you my new mask! Jennette got it for me this morning *shows it to Nick*
Nick; That is so cute, now I will know you out of the crowd
Demi: *smiles* Though I haven't got very far in getting a outfit
Nick: We'll have three hours before the ball anyway; I'm not sure about my suit too
Demi: *smiles* Well, see ya tomorrow

Lindsay: *evil laugh* I am getting that same mask
Twins: *confused* I don't get it *in unison*
Lindsay: *sighs* You dumb twats! Nick will think I'm Demi *points at herself smiling* and we will SO fall in love
Paris: What about after, when he knows it you?
Lindsay: Well, he'll be so deeply in love with me he won't be able to help himself
Twins: Good idea
Lindsay: I know

Victoria: *grins* *thoughts: I so have to get the mask! He'll think i'm Demi without a doubt, and then he'll be mine* *smirks*
ooooooh what will happen next???
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