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Published on Apr 7, 2011

This is a Great scene from the historic movie

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Pyro Royal
Ajestic! Ajestic! Ajestic!
Jonathan Po
Ajestic!!!! Ajestic!!!! Ajestic!!!!
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Jonathan Po
I'm 24 and when I grow up I want to be just like Archilles
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Alexander Angelus
If you're 24 and you're waiting to grow up to be like him, good luck. Achilles began preparing from a very young age, and by 16 he was leading the Myrmidons as a Special Forces unit.
Millar Slovak
Achilles is the Myrmidon prince of Thessaly.
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Chris Lucas
Lots of people slam this film. But it had good choreography, was suitably violent. Not bad all in all.
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I don't understand that at all. This movie is in my top ten of historical fiction movies. I'm talking about the likes of Braveheart, Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan and the Last Samurai to name a few.
Mike A
+Euphoric Dankey Kang the fact is that their is little evidence of what happened at troy and Achilles. he was probably such a bad ass warrior that people thought he was immortal
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I love how they portrayed his invincibility; he never makes a mistake, and by chance no blows land on him, like the arrow hitting the sand his knee pushed up into a pile, one hits his helmet the moment he turns his head which would have hit his face, and the arrow that would have hit his back but he throws his shield over his back just before. So much better than giving him visually-apparent super powers which would have been very corny. This way it leaves the audience wondering "Is he really being protected by the god's, or is he just extremely skilled and very lucky?"
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Pupper Gump
phastings1 It's a movie. If he did this in real life, he'd be dead.
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The Romans are the descendents of the Trojans. The Trojans that got away fled to Tuscany. Later they founded the city of Rome. The Romans conquered the Greeks in the end, it is ironic isn't it.
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Elymians (Western Sicily) also claimed to be descedents of the Trojans.
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Damn Achilles calm your shit man, you killed like half of their beach forces by yourself. :)
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Cloaked One
+Drew Russell The Myrmidons were good, but Achilles could take out 100s single-handedly. So yes, if you have thousands of soldiers, sending a couple hundred in to kill Achilles directly, with archers leading the attack is definitely worth it. It would also put a serious dent in the morale of his soldiers. In stories like these, you should always kill the champion as quickly as possible to demoralize the enemy (just like Achilles did at the beginning of the movie). And this is fantasy (no warrior would be able to kill that efficiently in just hand to hand combat), so "tactics 101" doesn't always work as it should.
+Rogue.Warrior they couldn't even stop 'murica! Lol
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Achilles is hacking.
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Marijan Karaula
cyka blyat
Eric Moore
+Peter Tæthed The only place he could be wounded was his ankle where his mother held him as she dipped him the waters of the river Styx. or so goes the legend, in reality he just a badass with a and extra ordinary talent for killing people and even he say "I wouldn't be bothering with the shield then" when the kid asked him if he was immortal, he knew better.
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try this in Total War Didn't work out
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+Modern Spartan :v
Modern Spartan
+SubcribeItWontHURT Mine didn't.  It's your fault XD
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Der Volksfreund
Inaccurate, Achilles didn't speak english.
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Andria CY
Martina Todorovic a lot of Greek people are blond.
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john adams
The actual siege lasted over ten years, but I don't think audiences could sit still that long.
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Marijan Karaula
I don't know if you realised its a movie
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