Pissed Off Beyond Belief Terrorist are Spraying Radiation in the Chemtrails





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Published on Feb 10, 2012

July 12, 2012... PLEASE PRESS LIKE. Since posting this my thyroid has been knocked out.. not functioning.. (that's not fun), my blood pressure has fluxuated from 203/150 to 100 over 120 ??? and they are sending me through the same "death panels," that solders exposed to do go through. Red blood cell count was over 50,000 per cubic centimeter.. hands and feet turned purple.. ears ringing.. eyes blurring.. Now they say I may have fibro myalgia and or gout...!!! I felt pretty good while making this video... but now... it's not good... please read on.. I'm just giving an update... the rest was posted at the time of publishing... press like.. fav..please help me spread this news.. PLEASE !!

Please Download this and re-upload share spread this information, please copy links and direct back to the original videos for information. You have my permission. I own this and give my blessing, but do it quick ! Everyone needs to know about this. Links are at the bottom of description.

While at work, I suddenly tasted a metal taste and heard other's say the same thing. Then my hands and feet started going numb and my eyes started burning, so on break I looked up and noticed a fleet of jets dumping massive amounts of chemicals on us. But this was not the long lingering kind it fogged out of the plane and dispersed quickly.

Even though I had known about the spraying of aluminum, barium from a previous experience as a farmer. I did not pay that much attention to chemtrails. But when I felt this new spray, I immediately went and bought me a video camera and started filming and learned how to upload them to U-Tube because I wanted to warn my friends and anyone else who would take the time to listen.

So This is a compilation from the start of my filming the new chemicals in the chemtrails to present day. I wish I could bring better news, but sometimes freedom requires a sacrifice and many have shed blood so we could be free. Some may have died in vain, but soon we may all have a decision to make.

Thanks for watching this and I hope you can spread this knowledge on. I have posted the links to all the resources that can get you started in your journey for the truth. There are thousands more who are trying to expose the truth, so please do not stop, do not give up and do not give in. Stay strong.


Ion Detox

The most recent update on my condition. May 25,2012

Alexander Higgins compilation of all the EPA BETA monitors.


Talk - Dr. Doug Rokke - Depleted Uranium (DU)


Weaponized Fukushima Fallout: Radioactive Fullerenes and

Dr Doug Rokke military scientist on the dangers of Depleted Uranium ammunition-Alex Jones Show 3/3

Compilation of EPA Monitors a Must See Beta Monitors are Down All Over the US

EPA's equipment goes down during Chemtrails

Green Report Driving Time Trees Dying


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