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Uploaded on May 5, 2010

sorry this ones been so apart, i lost my laptop charger! hehe!
comment and rate, i'll post more tonight, what should i post on? well, what story i mean, and btw! THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR THE 60+ SUBS! not alot, but it means ALOT! :)

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The car pulls up outside a large chruch, i stare from the tinted window, at all the people, dressed in black.
I glace down at my own clothes, a short black dress, and black sparkley heels. I dont feel very sparkly, but mom insisted.
I breath deep and thrust open the door, stepping out, everything moved in slow motion, i feel like a robot, everyones heads spinned around on there necks to face me.
I swallow hard, and pull a small tight smile, and walk up the narrow path to the door, right to the front, his coffins there, but im too scared to go near him, the thought of him dead chills me to the bone.


The vicars been rabbiting on for neally 2 hours now. This is a long service, alot more people turned up than i thought, i mean yeah.. Justin was popular, but everyones here, our whole year group at school, and some from the year below.
He got on with all the girls, a right flirt he was.. but he always reminded me how much of his 'baby' i was, and how much he loved me, and how he would die for me..

"Natalie, Time for your speech." He called, my eyes shot open, speech?! what speech? Mom nudged me.

"i havent wrote a speech!" I hiss at her, she glares at me, i walk up to the stage, and slowly climb the steps.
Everyones eyes burn up my skin, and i look down at my hands.

"I'm sorry.." I croak, "I dont have a speech" I begin walking off the stage, then stop, sigh, and walk back to the mic,
"Infact, yes.." i say, "Yes, i do."

I swallow hard, and fiddle with my fingers, and begin speaking, the hardesat speech of my life..

"Justin-" I laugh slightly as i say his name, people look shocked at me, "Some boy, isnt he?" I smile as i talk about him.
"He always hugged me, told me loved me.. He was always there for everyone.. It's wierd to think he's gone, isnt it?"
I look up, some of the crowds nodding.
"It;s scary to think i'll never see him again, or feel his arms around me. Just the thought of it makes me want to burst into tears, but i wont cause i need to stay strong, cause' i know hes safe where he is, and he's looking down smiling at us all now.
He wouldnt want anyone to cry, that just wasnt Justin, he always made the best out of everything, made everyone smile, put others first. It's a shame to think hes gone, so soon.
And it's worse to know i could of stopped it.."

Sh, Natalie, your going off track, stay focused and, happy! I couldnt help it, i have officaly cracked, it all started pouring out.

"I should of not listened, and let him keep his helmet, why could it be me? Why couldnt i be lay in that coffin, everybody much prefers you Justin, you were always a keeper, so perfect in everyway, i wish i could have you back baby, just to lie here in my arms,
forever.." I trailed off, and everyone began clapping, i already had tears all down my face. I sihgh and begin walking back off to take my seat. For somebody that didnt have a speech, i had alot to say. Nobody can understand how hard it is for me to be that brave.
Harder than life it'self.


After a few more people had said speech's everybody began walking out, to the after party, i lagged behind, staring at the coffin, part of me wanted to run away and hide, but i need to see him, just one last time.
I stood up, and slowly made my way over, breathing deep. Then i saw him, i gasped. I dont know what i was expecting, but it wasnt that. He had cuts all over his face, and his eyes where black.
He looks so hurt, but yet he looks so peacefull. I get closer, and take my hand, and place my fingers inbetween his, hoping for him to grab my hand back and spring into life, but he didnt.
I just stared at him. "I'm so, so, sorry it had to end like this Justin.." I say, feeling like an idiot for talking to myself. I got closer to him, and slowly kissed his lips. They were so cold, freezing. I pulled back slightly, so my face was as close as it could get to his without touching.
"I love you." I whisperd, then quickly stood up, and ran to the doors of the church, when i go there i looked over my sholder, blew a kiss, then closed the doors, on my baby, forever..

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