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Published on May 11, 2012

Via The Guardian: "With a photo that was engineered to ignite a storm of online heat and noise, Time magazine's cover depicts a 26-year-old-mother breastfeeding her three-year-old son, who stands on a chair. The story is meant to explore the growing trend of "attachment parenting", preached primarily by Dr Bill Sears, co-author of the Baby Book, which encourages mothers to breastfeed into toddlerhood, co-sleep, and "wear" their babies in an effort to limit their time away from their child. But few people read beyond the cover language (Are You Mom Enough?) on Thursday, when the photo was posted online...".* Ana Kasparian and Huffington Post Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria break it down on The Young Turks.

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Comments • 1,806

Western world is so fucked, all they have to do is sell formula and say boobs are sexual and women get freaked out. The whole fucking world breast feeds and The longer, the smarter the child becomes. Its so hard to watch these non moms pass all this judgement
Bushrod Rust Johnson
I won't be fooled by your LACTATION INDOCTRINATION!!!!
Monae Jones
I think if your kid is old enough to open your shirt and pull out a boob , he is to old to be breastfeeding . 
Nanni allen
I love the idea of attachment parenting. Children in this generation NEED emotion and love and affection. I wish more mothers did this. That does not have to include breastfeeding, because I know for some it is not a possibility. And another thing, it's ridiculous how today breasts are seen as extremely sexual OBJECTS and NOT simply a natural mammal body part there to feed babies.
Not sure if you're aware, but thanks to this video, a Google image search for "Ana Kasparian" has a first suggestion of "Ana Kasparian Breastfeeding"
Rob Brundage
Why is everyone freaking out?! It's just a momma and her kid. Nothing new here.
Michael J. Coslo
Here's the straight scoop. If that photo was found on your computer, it would be used as evidence that you collected kiddie porn. 
LOL I think that Ana and that other lady overreacted……. I don't find the picture inappropriate AT ALL.  Like Jayar said, the picture is actually good, because it grabs the reader's attention.  Personally, I actually like the cover - it doesn't bother or offend or scare me, it makes me want to read the article in that magazine!
Green Onions
"Oh my G*% that little boy is going to get bullied so bad (dumb laughter)."  Screw bullies.
michael jordan
a brief look into: ATTACHMENT PARENTING is a Fascinating and Rewarding life choice for all involved. I participate in attachment parenting with my wife. I give her so much respect and credit for what she does alone. We are rational, educated (MS), responsible adults who chose to have our child at 33. It is incredibly demanding. It helps to be healthy and physically fit. We play EVERY DAY at playgrounds and the like for up to two hours before dinner. We sit down EveryDay for dinner at a table and talk to one another without the TV on. TV is extremely limited. You read to that kid EVERY NIGHT (and day) and have he or she participate. He has a structured nighttime routine that is relaxing. Breast milk anytime he needs or wants it. When I talk to him I kneel down and look him in the eye. I speak with him not at him. I view him as an equal who has viable input to family decision making. and most importantly NEVER HIT THEM, ever. I was hit more than moderately as a child and I am choosing to break the chain. I realize that there are some results that are less desirable, like being spoiled, entitled, unruly, etc.. Some of these are false myths and its a good debate. I DO pick and choose my spots with the kiddo as a means to balance the overly cautious and caring parenting style. i.e. If he cries for something, I don't give it right away or If he falls I tell him to pick himself up (stressing that he needs to rely on himself most of the time) Let him make mistakes or screw stuff up on purpose. I speak stern when necessary, and never really did baby talk, nor did I suppress large words or abstract context. I could literally write a 10K word essay on this. I know it may not sound so novel to some, but do it consistently and with calculated balance and we created-  A well centered kid that is relaxed, easy going,  goes to bed independently, sleeps through every night, wakes up happy, eats all his food, never pukes, rarely "acts up", follows directions, puts away clothes, dishes in sink, feeds the cats, cleans rooms, vacuums, sweeps (not in a playing way), helps with laundry, understands and knows what items are garbage, recycle, or compost, has ab muscles, has about 180 word vocabulary, uses sentences, counts to 20, is weening HIMSELF off breast milk, can be reasoned with during conflict, has empathy, has patients, is sociable (just right amount), is weary of some and we just started gardening.... he is 24 months old. I realize my kid is 1 in 7 billion. All kids are unique, so are parenting styles and so are outcomes. I am just astounded by how he is turning out. I realize its early in the game still. At first, I was not a fan of the idea of attachment parenting, but implemented it right away, and now I understand why some adults and children are "less than centered". If you are thinking of having a child, consider AP, and apply the level you want with it.
Breast feeding is important, healthful and better for babies than formula. But breastfeeding a child that old is a little weird. If he can say lift your shirt mom, he's too dang old. And cover yourself please, we all don't need to know the size of your nipples. I breast fed in public but always used a blanket to cover myself, this is just exhibitionism.
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